28 August 2012

The Web-Life Story.

The decision to start a personal blog came into mind probably as random and as impulsive as the recent haircut! Have no idea what's with the random doings these days. At all.

So, just a brief history of the web-life. This is not my first personal blog. If I remember correctly, my first blog's grand name was "Anti-Papaya Community'! I know, I know. What a name right. Looking back, I had no idea what I was thinking when I decided to put that name up (prob cos at that time my dad would make all her 3 daughters eat papaya, and I really hate papaya!)

Then, there was the second blog after I deleted the first 'grand' one. This time, the whole blog was green. Like the whole thing. I was really obsessed with green and have no sense of good design whatsoever! And I still remember quite clearly of the picture that was on the main page! A really big ferris-wheel-like-thing that says 'Take Me Up On The Wheel'! I love that blog. It's very pretty. And then, also deleted after a while. Girls and their ever-changing hormones, I guess. And after that, I decided that I wanted a Tumblr where I can just post up pictures from other Tumblr-ers. That, also I deleted it yesterday. Since I've abandoned it for quite a while now.

And then, this happens.

I texted the boy to tell him about this sudden want of mine. And he suggested a name, 'My Road Trip of Life'. I raised my eyebrow and let out a short laugh. Of course he didn't see it cos the whole conversation took place in Whatsapp. HAHA. At first it sounded so hmm.. and normal. But now that Im typing this, it actually kinda describes what life has been to me. All the little bumps and big bumps along this 'road trip' aka life. But I'm sticking to the plain 'Just Sarah'. A friend, Justin came up with that name. Oh, that was my Tumblr's name btw. And I decided that I want to put a bible verse that really speaks of what I truly believe.

So here it is.

The ups and downs. The highs and lows. The random and spontaneous.

All right here.