26 May 2016

Wedding Update 12: Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Gone Bad.

I posted a photo on Instagram not too long ago with a caption that says something in line with My Dream Wedding and being very disappointed after the 2-hours long meeting.

Here is the whole story.

To tell you what happened, I have to start from the beginning so bear with me. It's really not that long of a story/drama. Heh.

Why My Dream Wedding?

That is the million dollar question that at times I almost want to feel like I regretted making this decision. Seriously.

The main reason to why we decided taking My Dream Wedding is that we love all the hipster-ish/rustic-ish/unique-ish feeling of all the photos that we saw during the wedding fair at Gurney Paragon. One particular venue that we saw was located in KL, and at that time they did not reveal to us where this specific venue is located (fearing we may hire photographer and go there ourselves).

The location is basically a museum (we found out on the meeting day with the KL team) that stores old and abandoned planes, where people may go into the plane and take photos.

It's called RMAF Museum, stands for Royal Malaysian Air Force Museum, and yes, we really were looking forward to taking lots of shots here because it's really unique kind of a place (for us la).

The other place that looks good for us is Ulu Yam, Batang Kali. It gives the lake-ish feel and they also have waterfalls so two wins.

We thought since everyone we knew has done their photo-shoot in Penang and all pretty much looks the same, we might as well go down to KL to do it, considering that both places that we love is there.

So, we make all the necessary arrangements and took annual leaves to make this happen. Please bear in mind that annual leaves for me are very precious because they are not enough so I always make sure it is well spent. Heh.

Three days of annual leaves is a lot by the way. HUGE SACRIFICE if I may put it that way.

We went down on Saturday morning and met with the photographer on Sunday morning.

It was at that time only he told us that RMAF Museum is closed for good and that they are in the process of relocating to Malacca. We were shocked to the core. Apparently they found out about this a month ago, yet we did not receive any phone calls to this news.

Bennie, our contact person for My Dream Wedding knew from the start that RMAF Museum is the main place and reason we went down to KL, and yet no updates from them.

I think that time, my head was on fire but everyone could not see it. They probably felt the heat though.

We took many deep breaths, and brainstormed for similar places to do the photo-shoot because we didn't want to "waste" this trip and my precious annual leave. Oh wait, when I say "we brainstormed", the "we" in this equation is Koay, Vanessa and myself.

We googled for abandoned tracks & planes or old unwanted buildings. We asked if they have any idea of these kind of places but seems like they do not know much of KL places. They didn't seem to know how to google as well if I may be direct.


I proposed Sekinchan, but photographer turned it down saying that it's now not the "brown" season. Almost 80% of the places that we suggested, they had an excuse why cannot work. I understand Sekinchan now is not the brown-ish season, but can't we do the green season style instead at the same place?

Anyways, the locations that they suggest requires at least RM200 payment. No thanks.

After all the googling and communicating (another struggle because they do not speak fluent Hokkien or English), we decided to tell them that we want to have the photo-shoot in Penang instead.

They made a few phone calls and agreed to let us do it in Penang.

I walked out of the shop feeling sooooo disappointed with the whole situation. It's so frustrating that we have made it to KL, only to find out that photo-shoot cannot happen and now we have got to scrap whatever ideas that we originally have. IT SUCKS BIG TIME.

That same night, Bennie texted me with a long explanation of what happened and apologized. We do not want to make it a big thing so we decided not to like demand for things (although if we insist, we could). They gave us a free upgrade of album size, arranged for us to have the Penang photo-shoot that same week and have their Chief Photographer, Marcus to do it for us. That and we got ourselves an assistant, Boy to help us with everything else.

As much as I hated the fact that we were not able to take photos in some of these places, I believe in my core-being that God's timing is always perfect, and at that moment of all the hoo-hahs, it was difficult to remember that but my partner so patiently reminds me that His timing is and will always be perfect. There must be a reason to why things just did not work out with My Dream Wedding KL.

We had fun during our photo-shoot here in Penang, and that will on another update soon, I hope. Heh.

That's it people.

Bye now.