02 December 2016

Post Wedding 3: Families & Friends (Part One)

I know by now so many of you are itching to see the photos and I cannot release them on Facebook yet because I haven't post them here.

So perhaps I shall do a post on the guest list now.

This was the hardest part of planning a wedding.

It does not matter if you have paid RM20,000 for a team of wedding planners to plan the perfect wedding for you because this is the one thing that both you and your partner has to do.

First, you will sit with your parents respectively and discuss on the family side invitations. Which tier and which generation are you to choose to draw that line? How many tables do you actually need to accommodate just your family members?

Then, you move onto your colleagues, friends and et cetera.

The headache for us is that we want to invite as many family members and friends that we can because we value each and everyone of you. Having all of you with us on the biggest day of our lives means so much but due to budget, we can only have so many.

So, here's an apology if you did not make it to the list and know that it's not because we don't like you. It's just we don't have enough seats for all. We're sorry. Please don't stop talking to us okay.

As much as I love being with little humans, we would not afford to invite them to our dinner because the cost is just way too much and since we'll be serving wine all night, we also thought that it will be a good night for all parents to have some sort of 'date-night' :)

With that being said, please know that for those who made it to the list, you all are very special and important to the both of us so cherish that. Hah.

We had two sessions - church ceremony in the morning and wedding reception dinner at night.

Most of those who were not in the dinner list were invited to our ceremony in the morning and some of those on the dinner list made it to the morning list too.

Perfecting the guest list was an ongoing effort, right till the night before the big day.

I remembered we came home from a family + bridesmen hangout at Macallum and mom sat down st the dining table and checked through the guest list again to only notice that 2 people who were already invited not seen in the table listing!


 I may have let our a short scream. Hah.

So, at 12am on Friday (wedding next day morning), I sat down with Vanessa at the dining room and brainstormed on the seating plan. I was not willing to open another table just to slot 2 people in. Then again, it was my mistake for overlooking the list.

Somehow, we managed to arrange and everything seemed perfect again and I had like 5-hours sleep. Adrenalin already started to pump in that time. I was going to marry my best friend please. Forever stuck with him. Hah.

Ultimately, we really want all our guests to enjoy the wedding and have fun. That's why we decided to pay RM6,000 for Jazzhats to play 3 sets of 45 minutes that night. It was way over our 'entertainment' budget but after a lot of debates and discussion, we realized now that it was worth every cent. Too bad Jazzhats didn't want to extend their time that night considering all our guests were having so much fun on the dance-floor.

So yes, here's all the photos that was captured during the morning church ceremony and wedding reception dinner at night. They are all placed randomly okay and there's a lot of them so take your time :)

Thank you all for coming and being a part of our happily ever after. For those who have wished us on Facebook and Snapchat, thank you for your well-wishes all your congratulations! We're very blessed to be surrounded by all you humans :)

Part two will come soon with all the group photos.

Bye now.