25 October 2017

How We Found Out We're Pregnant (Round 2)!

[I CAN FINALLY BE OUT AND OPEN ABOUT THE PREGNANCY YASSS. It's been the most torturing 5 weeks to 'try' keep it a secret. Heh. Oh wells.]

Here goes.

There was a day sometime the second last week of September where I felt an intense nausea (the same kind during our first pregnancy) and immediately I wondered. I decided to wait till my period is overdue then only check because you know what, pregnancy test kits are really expensive.

I actually lost my appetite the few weeks before I did this test and lost 2 kg. I thought I was doing well on my 'get slimmer body' diet. Heh.

It was a Saturday, and I immediately thought that it was my one-year anniversary because I did get married on a Saturday last year, only to realize on Sunday that my actual anniversary was on Sunday, the twenty-fourth.

Aduhai otakku.

My alarm clock that Saturday morning was set at 7:00am because I needed to leave house by 8:00am to Batu Feringghi for my Counselling Those in Crisis course.

I woke up that morning with a feeling that I should pee on a stick (my period wasn't even due yet) and see if two lines will appear. I said this prayer before I went to pee - "God, Your timing is perfect and this would be the perfect timing to get pregnant because it's our first anniversary!" - thinking that Saturday was twenty-fourth but it was actually only twenty-third. Bleh.

I peed on the stick and left it on the basin.

Brushed my teeth, put on my contact lens and showered.

Then, there it was. The very faint second red line. Very very faint but I knew there and then that there is a baby in me alright. It looks like there is no line but the faint line was quite visible.

I was beyond all kinds of emotions.

Happy, 'oh-my-goodnessss-whatt', excited, fear, disbelief, 'is-this-real', 'thank you God!' et cetera.

I walked out and collapsed on my bed and gave myself a good 5-10 minutes to cry all these mixed emotions out. It was surreal.

The weekends went on like the usual routine - spending time with my family and close friends - which was by the way just pure torture because I could not tell anyone about the stick!

I tested it again with the RM30+ Clearblue Digital and with that, sure cannot go wrong right.

I wanted Adrian to be the first to find out so I have to wait till he knows then only the rest of the world.

Earlier that week, Adrian left to Johor for a national floorball tournament (Merdeka Cup 2017) and he would be spending about 5 nights there. Since we were not able to celebrate our anniversary together on the actual day, I thought perhaps I could surprise him with gifts everyday.

And I did just that. Everyday he would receive different gifts from different people. Thank you Ling Ling for organizing the surprises for me - and Termin, Michaela, Yen Yen and Winnie for being the postman/woman!

By the way, congratulations to both men and women's team - they won champion this year! Yasss.

So with all that little gifts, I knew I had to end it with the best gift yet.

I Googled and Pinterested on ways to surprise husband for pregnancy and finally decided to go with the one thing that I think it's best considering the time I had left when I decided to surprise him NOT AT HOME.

His ETA from Johor was about 6am, and I only started preparing the 'surprise-kit' at 12am.. Less than six hours to go.

The Clearblue Digital test Kit died on me that day! The battery can only last up to 24 hours apparently so I had to pee on another stick! Heh.

I obviously did not really sleep that night. I just had to tell someone that I've got a baby in me and I was so nervous. My heart was beating so fast.

And the thing is that the plan was to surprise him over dinner at Straits Quay but I was so close to giving the box to him that morning - so glad I held myself back.

Then, another dilemma.

Give him before the food comes, or after dinner?

My heart was beating out of my chest already and I decided that I am not going to wait till after dinner because it was killing me softly inside already.

So I had to just do it there and then.

Right after we ordered, he asked if I wanted a glass of wine.

If I said no, he would have figured out something is weird, so I said, "You should order one" - for himself only.

Then, I took out my phone, hit record and gave him that precious box.

Was he surprised?

You bet. He didn't see it coming at all - as you can see in the video (posting soon). Heh. My heart was so full that moment.

I decided to take a video because it's this kind of moment that makes my heart beats ten times faster. I shall post the video another time.

On the same night, we went home and broke the news to his sisters and mom - to which three of them were surprised too and really happy!

I wanted to just tell the whole world there and then okay! But we already have a plan to surprise my family so have to wait no matter what.

We went to bed that night holding hands and smiling. It's madness.

Then, two days later we decided to surprise my family (and the bridesmen).

My mom, dad and Vanessa was shocked. They never see it coming! Rachel was feeling more 'betrayed' because I didn't tell her first or like give hints or what. This time, I decided to surprise everyone at the same time so yeah.

No video this round.

That was it!

As of today, I am about 8 weeks and 4 days pregnant, and we have been feeling great and happy and really really happy!

We saw the fetus and the yolk sac and then the heartbeat - just one of the most amazing thing. Will update on that the next time.

Thank You Jesus for this baby!

We know that God's timing is perfect and for us to find out on our first year of anniversary was just the cherry on top of the cake. It makes it so much more meaningful and special!

Adrian already started his 'daddy duty'. Sort of.

You must start doing Sudoku - he believes it will help to sharpen baby's brain development.
You cannot eat spicy food already - this is almost impossible to do. What logic is that?
No Tomyam soup - the one thing I crave a lot these days :(
Don't walk too much - loved this one heh.
Drink a lot a lot of water please - still work in progress.
What do you feel like eating today? - yasss.
Miss you and the baby - *and the baby* :)
Make sure you feed my baby well - whatt.

Till then, bye now.