04 July 2018

2D1N Lexis Suites, Penang.

We had the privilege to enjoy a night's staycation at Lexis Suites Penang recently, thanks to Jack and Carmen and it was the best thing after spending a month being 'confined' at home - not really confined la actually.

Another time for that story - when I feel ready.

Anyways, it was our first time staying at this hotel because seriously, who would go all the way to Teluk Kumbar for a staycation. Heh. If it wasn't for the good deal that Carmen got, we probably would choose a hotel at Batu Feringghi - more happening.

But then again, it was kinda refreshing to "act" like a tourist on this part of the island because really, it's like another city itself. Nothing much to do except maybe go to the beach and korek siput which we didn't do. Hah.

We ate seafood, swam in our private pool, relaxed in the room and enjoyed each other's company.

I think as we grow older, its this kind of thing that becomes 'fun'. Hah.

Or maybe its just us because we've got a kid now and relax is very rare these days.

Okay, back to the Lexis Suites Penang.

hey only have 2 types of room - Executive and Premium. Each rooms comes with a private pool and a steam room. Also, every room has 2 king size beds - so it really only makes sense to stay here with friends or family members.

I cannot imagine the purpose of staying in Lexis Suites Penang if its only the 2 of us - even with a baby also macam too big.

The price reflected for the rooms is about RM1,200 per night - I know right - crazy expensive. But we found out that if you go book online and all, you can get as low as RM200.

I don't think anyone would pay so much (RM1,200) per night for a staycation like this - no clean beach to access some more. I would rather pay to stay at Batu Feringghi.

But if you ask me which hotel is best to host party or do sleepovers, then I will definitely tell you to go for Lexis Suites Penang - with a discounted price of course.

Also, we were only given 1 complimentary breakfast so we decided to buy 3 more and I was surprised to see that their buffet breakfast spread is pretty impressive - a lot of choices and very wide spread of food items - highly recommended if you stay there. 

Here are some photos.

Till next staycation, bye now.