01 January 2019

Goodbye 2018, Hello 2019!

Oh how else would I describe my 2018 if it's not LIFE-CHANGING?

Everything (I really do mean everything) changed the moment my belly was cut open and a human came out screaming - good because its a strong sign that he is healthy and alive.

2018 was one of the year where I (we) made huge life-changing (again) decisions. Some of which are, resigning as an Intern Pastor and decided to go back to my previous company as Corporate Sales Executive at Holiday Tours & Travel (first day next week) and where we see ourselves living for the next 5 years or so. Actually, only 2 really major life-changing decisions la. Heh.

So, when we got married, I moved to Adrian's place happily but of course I needed some time to adjust. We had that discussion of whether we want to move out or not and things like that. It was a hard topic okay.

I am already used to living at the current place but I've always preferred to live in an apartment or a flat even. It's not so much of the size of the house but the location. Okay, not location also. More like whether it's like on ground floor or like on multi-leveled building.

I never liked living on the ground floor for very common reasons like, it's not so safe and more mosquitoes and etc. The list goes on and on.

So, when we were preparing for the arrival of Alex, I was 80% convinced in my head that I really want to move to a place that has a view or at least at the first floor and above. and to just start anew with this new addition you know. Of course financially, it means having to sell off this house because the houses in Penang are ridiculously expensive. Even if you earn like RM10k a month, you also have to think triple times before committing yourself to buying a property on the island. And for us, that was just the option.

But Adrian would not be able to let go of this house.

He basically grew up and spent all his life in this place and that's why it's a difficult topic of discussion. It's really tough.

But when Alex came in May, we had this discussion again and I find myself becoming less interested in moving out. I began to see why Adrian wants to continue living here. I would see him telling and showing Alex (although Alex understands nothing at that point) of all the childhood things he had experienced at the garden in front and all.

Then, I got to see how Alex is being loved (so much) by our neighbors and they would spend at least 5-minutes everyday (if we don't oversleep that is) just walking him outside our house in the morning and teaching him about flowers and stuff.

And I got to thinking.

If we were to move to another place, Alex will most likely not be able to experience these interactions anymore. People these days prefer to stay in their house and mind their own business right? I mean, if I live in a condo, I would most likely just spend most of my time in my house. Ain't nobody got the time to go mingle with neighbors. Hah.

But here?

These people have known Adrian and his entire family for almost 30-years. And now, they got to see and hold the once-a-little-most-mischievous-boy's son. They've seen how Adrian grew up and now they got to see his son's too.

And I think, that's just something worth sacrificing for.

So, we decided that we would continue to live here till when both of us feels that the time is up, which if you ask me honestly, the time to move out will never be up for him, and that's okay.

For me, it was a huge change in making this decision.

Before, I was very sure that I wanted (and needed) to move to a new place (can be an old house but just somewhere new) when Alex comes. Or at least be active in looking for houses.

The latest house that we went to see was the Middleton, just behind Raffel Tower.


But it was at least RM1.4 million. Umm. Okay thanks bye. Chapter close. Heh.

So yeah, 2019 is going to be an exciting year because we have so many things planned and yes, that includes holidays and maybe another mini Koay? Hah!

Feeling energized for the next three-hundred and sixty-four days!

I hope your 2018 was a memorable one and that your 2019 will be a smashing one.

Till then, bye now.