19 September 2019

Gender Reveal Party for Baby #2!

We never did a gender reveal party with Alex and I have never thought of doing one with this one - until Andrew mentioned it and I was like, "Ons!"

With Alex, we did a monthly photo bump update and none with our number two - sudah lazy I guess. Heh. So we thought it would be nice to have a gender reveal party for our second baby.

We told Dr Soon to write the gender on a piece of paper and he did. Initially, we were doubtful if he could confirm confirm see the gender at chun-chun 5-months mark, but he was quite sure - which then led Adrian to believe that our second baby is a boy. Because nothing is as sure as if he sees a penis right?

So, Adrian managed to somehow convinced me that we are going to have another boy although I felt so strongly that this baby gonna be a girl.

We passed the paper to them organizers (heh) and they went ahead and planned for a pot-bless party at Andrew's crib. I was super excited - I really just needed to know.

We ate, talked, played some games and then they blindfolded us and sat us down.

We had no clue how it was going to be revealed to us so the suspense was definitely there.

When we were asked to open our blindfolds, there Alex was - sitting on the floor, holding a pink balloon, and changed into all pink-clothes.

That moment.

That moment, my heart stopped. Our hearts stopped. We held back some tears.

Even though deep inside I knew we were going to have a girl, it was still a moment of disbelief - that this is our reality. That we are going to have a little girl! Somehow it was just so precious.

And I believe that's partly because we get to find out the gender alongside with our family and closest friends who are like family themselves. So, it was really nice and warm.


Now, let's just try to let that sink in a while! We still take a moment on some nights before we sleep to let it sink that we gonna have a girl - very surreal.

I remembered when we were driving home that night, we listened to our wedding song, "Beautiful in White" and when a part of the song that says, "And if our daughter's what our future holds, I'll walk her down the aisle, she'll look so beautiful in white".. Adrian started tearing up (again).

He was still trying to wrap his head on the fact that he is going to have a little girl in his arms in few months' time! It was insane.

Thank you guys for making this a really special moment for Adrian and myself - it was a party we never knew we needed until we got one. Looks like our baby #3 and #4 also will have a gender reveal party yeah? :)

And yes, we have decided on her name (not the chinese name yet tho - this part very tricky) and we will share soon for sure.

For now, we are just counting down till we get to see this little girl's face and hold her in our arms and welcome her to the world. Will she be as loud as Alex the moment she comes out? Guess we will have to wait and see.

As of today, when we ask Alex, where is baby S, he would move to my belly and pat it and then kiss it. It's really nice.

Till next time, bye now.