11 October 2019

Precious Time Together.

So, we (Alex and I) have been spending most of our weekends alone since second half of this year, without the Mister due to the endless sessions of national training that he had to attend.

And it was a difficult adjustment (knowing that now onwards it's going to be every weekend) - because the 2-no-work-days in the weekends means we get to fully spend time and enjoy our little family time before Sofia comes, but now really we only get to have a full-family time at night after work. So we play a lot with Alex before his bedtime but also limited la because only 1-2 hours.

I know Adrian is very sad that it has to be this way but oh wells.

Alex is still getting all our attention now because only-child status not yet expire and it is going to suck (mostly for Adrian) that he only gets after-work-night-time with Alex.

So, with that said, it was really nice that the three of us get to spend the weekends together in KL couple of weeks ago - not full day since both Adrian and I had to work (on separate days) but I treasure it - so much.

I don't know how LDR couples handle LDR because I know for sure, I definitely cannot.

Not just couples - even for families where the head of the family goes somewhere else to work and had to sacrifice spending time with their children to earn money to support the family - it is very sad la okay.

I was afraid at one point that Alex may not grow as close to his dady as I wanted to but I am wrong. Alex is super attached to Adrian especially when we get home. Alex won't even let Adrian go to toilet in peace. Like if Adrian walks into the toilet to wash hands and I close the door a bit, Alex would get into the loudest most pitiful cry. It's insane.

Alex never react like this towards me also! Maybe only when its time to sleep only he will demand for me. Apa mamy's boy all.

Till today, not a single "Mamy" was ever mentioned. He always just kept repeating "Dady" - even when he has nightmares in the middle of the night. WHAT IS THIS. #jealousmamyhere

We are so not looking forward when Adrian is going to be away for 2-weeks. How am I going to survive 2-weeks without my lover? How?

All the best to us.