12 December 2019

When Is Baby #2 Coming?

We are four days away from the due date - 16 December 2019.


Alex came out four days earlier than his due date - but Sofia, Sofia is just getting too comfortable inside I think. I don't know if you realize this, but there isn't many scanned photos of Sofia that we share on our social media - and that is not because we are being protective or what. It's simply because at every scan, she will block her face with her hands! 


There is only one or two times I remembered seeing her face entirely (for a minute) before she closed her face again with both her hands. One thing that stood out is her lips - so pout-y like her dady's. 

As much as I will miss having her inside me, I will not miss having interrupted sleeps because of breathlessness and backbone pain. Nope. 

I need Sofia to come out soon. Preferably by her due date because we are not excited about having to wait 7-more days after her due date (that's the extension Doctor gave us). 

So latest latest she has to be out by 22 December - which is way too close to Christmas - which also means I may not be able to convince myself to eat all the Christmas goodies! 

For someone who does not really follow the "confinement rules" whatsoever, I am somehow still a believer in eating the right things for at least a week or two. I obviously will still shower like normal and definitely not gonna be wearing socks the entire day - maybe only when I sleep because it is actually quite comfortable to sleep with socks on. 

I look forward to drinking the tonic soup and sesame oil stir fry things. 

For now though, I can only think about having Japanese Unagi with Rice! OH MY GOODNESS THE CRAVING IS KILLING ME. 

Anyways, I am still working and no, I am no longer going out for sales visit (I can imagine Adrian's stare at me if I still do). Honestly, walking is a struggle now because it is getting a lot heavier on the front and Braxton Hicks happen like every 15 minutes or so its insane. 

At times, I find myself having to stop while walking because of these episodes of Braxton Hicks. It's cuckoo crazy. 

Sofia is about a size of a mini watermelon - about 2.7kg when we last checked earlier this week. Alex was about 2.99kg when he came out (via a c-section). 

This time, we are going all out to try for natural birth with Sofia because seriously, I hate recovering from a surgery done on my skin. I have gone through it twice (ruptured appendicitis & Cesarean) so no thanks. I hate it too much it makes me so emo. 

And because Dr Soon from Adventist Hospital is very reluctant to allow us to try for natural, we decided to go to the Penang general Hospital this time because they are pro-natural and only opt for surgery if things are not going well. For my case, because i have had c-section last year, they will monitor me for maximum of 8-hours and if dilation is not going on properly, then it will be c-section in the end - but at least I know that they are going to try their best to push for natural. 

I like Dr Soon (a lot) but him not waiting to take the risk makes this decision a lot easier - because for me, I am very determined to give natural birth a try. He was not keen at all. He agreed to let us try but if at the end, we had to go under the knife, then the charges will be double - which is just mad. 

With Alex, we paid about RM11,000 - I know. 

And besides, I have heard and know of so many people who have delivered their babies safely (both natural and Cesarean) at Penang GH and have heard of good reviews of its maternity wards too. Plus, I don't want to stay so many days in hospital - better to go back to my comfy home please. 

The only downside is they are vert strict on their visiting hours and husbands cannot accompany their wives in the labor room wan. That would be something different honestly. 

Ohhh and the cost to deliver babies in Penang GH is like only 3-figures ya - not even in thousands.

My only worry now is I would not know how to push this baby out - everyone tells me it's like pushing for a hard poop - AND WHAT IF WHEN I PUSH, POOP COMES OUT?

Malu la please. 

I am actually concerned with this yes. Cannot eat too much food now so when I push, no poop will come out - only Sofia will come out. Hah. 

Okay enough talking for today. 

Gonna go rest at my desk now and zone out a bit. 

Braxton Hicks happening again.