03 August 2022

We are halfway there!

Wow - I realized that it has been rather quiet over here. Heh. 

These few months has been insane (in a good way of course) and with another human growing inside me, I actually do not have the time, and energy and motivation to sit down in front of the screen to pen down random events and thoughts. 

But today is something - because we are halfway there! 

Little Bean is 20 weeks old, and unlike the last two pregnancies, this one is a bit shy and we are still in the dark of its gender. I get asked a lot (like a lot) on what do I feel it is going to be. 

And I really have no neutral answer to it. I may be biased with what Adrian wants - which is a boy. And his reason is simple and sweet. 

"So that Sofia can be my only daughter - so precious"

Of course with that said, if Little Bean is a girl, Adrian's heart is going to explode because that means he get to love and spoil another baby girl of his. 

I really don't have any preference on the gender of this baby. If it's a girl, then Alex will be our only boy and if it's a boy, Sofia will be our only girl. It's a win-win for any gender really. 

Our primary goal is for Little Bean to grow well and grow completely inside me and for smooth, quick and easy natural birth - with zero complications including jaundice. Alex and Sofia never had jaundice when they were born and the common food factor is really the same craving for nasi lemak and all things curry. Hah. 

I can go eat banana leaf rice all day err day if I could - but Adrian would puke at the thought of it. 

With 20 more weeks to go, we are glad that the nausea is gone and I have managed to somehow learn to live with the constant tiredness. I am also stating to feel some aches on my back and some occasional pain on my left knee. I think it was from a previous injury which I don't remember how or what happened also. 

I am double dosing on my Isotonix Calcium intake (morning and night), my Isotonix Vitamin C and Isotonix Vitamin D with K2 (to make sure my calcium absorption is maximized). Of course I take my Isotonix Digestive everyday. I don't want acid reflux or constipation to come visit so precaution is better than cure. Heh. 

My clothes choices are very limited now because my previous tops and shorts are all kept in the box and I shall see them next year. I was very tempted to get more maternity dresses on Shein, but proud of myself for not succumbing to the temptations. 

I shall be a good girl, and just endure wearing the same clothes for the next 20 weeks.

I do need breastfeeding-friendly clothes for the post-birth but we shall get there when we are near there la. But if you have some and you don't plan to wear it anymore, feel free to message me haha. #shameless

One more thing that I noticed was different from other pregnancies was the fact that I drink a lot of water now. My lips would get dried up quickly and I will usually just drink iced water. yes, iced water. Don't be shocked please. I cannot drink warm water wan sorry okay. Only iced water my whole life. Hah. That also means I go to the toilet really often. 

Okay, funny (embarrassing) story time. 

There was once when we were out and my bladder was quite full and Little Bean was probably also leaning on it and there were no toilets nearby. I know with full confidence that I could hold them in because it didn't feel that full, and I didn't have that urgency. 

Then came a sneeze - out of nowhere! 

Next thing I know, a gush of pee came down my legs to my ankles. In that second, I thought my water broke. The very next second, I realized that it was actually pee. Like the kind where it is not supposed to even exit my hooha and down my legs. 

I quickly grab a wet tissue and confidently wiped them away. I was among people so I pretended nothing happened and went into Adrian's car like that. HAHAHA. I of course felt disgusted the whole time but what else can I do! 

I only confessed to Adrian after we got home and after I showered. 

So yeah, the sneezing and peeing at the same time has started. That incident taught me to go to toilet often and not try be a hero and tahan it in. It is not going to work. Hah. 

Lesson well learnt on this one for sure. 

So, other than all that, we are doing great. We are currently consulting Dr See at Gleneagles Hospital and we also go for check-ups at my favorite Klinik Kesihatan Ibu & Anak. I have not decided if this time we would go to GH for the delivery or Gleneagles but it is nice to know that we've got choices so we shall see. 

I am also 90% sure that I will not be taking epidural this time because the pain will help me to push (like in Sofia's case) but there is a 10% so we really shall see. 

Happy 20 weeks old, Little Bean and mamy! We got this! 

Till next time, bye now.