25 August 2023

Hotel The M's Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan.

Staycations are the best, especially the ones outside of the country. Heh. 

As you may or may not know, everytime we travel, I am in-charge of finding the best deals hotel - which is something I really love doing. 

This is no different for our Japan's trip many moons ago. Our first prefecture was Kyoto, and because I know that it is important to stay near the main train station, it was the most important criteria. 

Then, cleanliness and pretty come next. 

We stayed 3 nights here, and paid a total of RM938.80 for a queen room via Agoda. They gave us the highest floor, so that is a big win ya. We requested for it, and we got it. 

I always tell people, that when you go for hotel stays or checking in for a flight to somewhere, never be shy to ask for something you want. 

"Do you have a complimentary upgrade of our room?"
"Can you give me a room with a good view?"
"Any free upgrade to business class?"

If you don't ask, then you will never get. If you ask, then you may (small percentage is still a chance) get. So, that's my go-to mantra. Hah. 

I love the modern style of design in their hotel lobby and rooms. They don't have a cafe or a restaurant, but they did up the lounge area so nicely for people to hang out and use. 

For pyjamas, toothbrush and other amenities, you got to take them by yourself at the lobby. So take what you need, and not for souvenirs to take home please. They testing Asians' self-control. Hah. Their PJs is the best, most comfiest ever. I almost want to just pay to bring them home. Super comfy! 

Sorry no photos of the room but got video (scroll below). 

Till next update, bye now.