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16 December 2012

Pre-Youth Camp.

Twelve hours to boarding the big bird to camp.


I can still remember when it was still twelve days away! Now it's like ONE SLEEP AWAY! Wow! 

Wow in a good way.

I just need to recover 100% before I start on another great holiday tomorrow. A lot of rest is needed. 

I am excited for tomorrow to come. It's going to be journey like no other camps I have ever been. I think this is like the 10th youth camps ever since I made Jesus my personal hero! :) All youth camps have their memorable moments. 

Just too bad that Koay could not make it this time. Oh well, there's always next year :)

Alright folks. Gotta go pack and finalize some stuff. 

22 October 2012


Three more days till my third sales meeting of which I was given the opportunity to lead (when God closes one door, He definitely for sure will open another one)

Four more days to a publicholiday after so long of no holidays on weekdays. Haha. Super nice.

Nine more days until I have finally completed my probationary period in this company and become a confirmed employee (that means entitled for annual leaves! and first thing I'm gonna do is apply for the five days of AYC 2012!)

Twelve days to ‘Enchantée au Clair de Lune’(Enchanted Moonlight). KDU's first annual ball and it's gonna be on the Superstar Libra. let's all cruise away :)

Fourteen more days to a briefing plus lunch with the Marriott peeps. When I can afford to, I will stay in any of the Marriott's hotels (at least once). It's so gorgeous and luxurious. Either that, or they are very convincing in their pervious briefing. Haha.

Twenty days till I can finally wite a tick on my to-do-list before I say byebye to humans. WHITE WATER RAFTING BABEHH!

Twenty eight days Junior Youth Retreat 2012. Nibong Tebal ftw! :)

Thirty seven days to my next appointment at Looi's. I have about a month to swallow as many burgers as I can! :)

Fifty eight days to the long-awaited AYC 2012.

03 September 2012

Combined Cells.

What better way to spend Independence Day than to go to the beach and barbeque? And since it was the fifth Friday, we decided to combined cellgroups and get together for some sand-ish fun under the sun.

The theme that we agreed on was just-burgers-and-sausages-kind of bbq. So that we don't have to prepare so much of marinating chicken wings and stuff. Also, each one was to bring twp-person-dish each. Not everyone brought food but we kinda thanked God for that. Because we had so much leftover at the end of the night.
Friday is holiday. So, Friday, we went on a shopping spree. Mom went to the salon. Kelly and I to Tesco.

My helpful assistant who helped me to arrange the things in the trolley. And also, cos she lazy to walk :)

20 chicken patties, 20 beef patties, 30 eggs, 6 tomatoes, 1 cucumber, 12 hot dogs buns, 5 burger buns, a bottle of Mayo and 20 slices of cheese.

Mom helped me with the 30 eggs for the burgers stack-up. Yums!

Some of the things at the beach.

This is Jesher, and he is burying a ball.

This is Jesher standing near his buried ball and the crowds, fireBRANDS :)

Two separate cells 'competing' to start a good fire.

It's so nice that they start the fire for us and then they go play games and captain ball. Leaving the older ones to cook. Sausages and patties in, ready to be burned cooked!

The burger I made. With perfectly cooked chicken patty with melted cheese on top, fried egg, slices of cucumber and tomatoes and mayo-ed bun. Very the delicious wei.

Soon, the sun disappeared and the moon came out. Still too dark to see anything because we set up the pit under a tree! *eyebrows raised* Earlier too hot d ma..
Jack's hand-phone torchlight lighted the way.. the pit.

Everyone was pretty tired after rounds of games and captain ball, and the best way is to just sit down and relax and talk and take pictures! :)

Kelly looked so adorable hereee!

James thinks his back very nice like that.

More vain moments around the beach.

three blind mice. three blind mice.

The sausage station that Sarah patiently waits as they turn brown and then cooked enough to be eaten!

Hairy man alert!

No more hairy legs for me, thanks to Veet :)
Have I mentioned before that I really love the beach i think my wedding can do by the beach la..

Marshmallows time. No satay stick, never mind. We'll just throw in on an aluminium foil and waits till it browns and melt a lil :)

Went home feeling so exhausted. And sad. Don't get me wrong. It was a day very well spent. It's just me. I'm such a control freak. Just a bit I think. I mean, it was supposed to be burgers and sausages night. But what most people ended up doing were eating the patties as it is and that left us with three loaves of bread. It's pretty sad, isn't it? But this I have to learn that not everything is gonna go according to how I want it and not allowing that to affect me.

So, we all went home and while waiting for our turn to take a shower, mister-i-sleep-everywhere-i-go fell asleep on my lap while we were just sitting down and talking/resting.. Note how he holds his own hands and sleep.

Just in that few minutes of short sleep, he even snored. Such a pig I tell you.

Then, this girl who's also very tired already refused to rest until she cleaned all her seashells that Jesher helped her to pick.

Mind you, she scrubbed each one with 100% care and focus. She loves her toys, no doubt.

Overall, it was nice. From the shopping with Kelly and late night supper with the bunch after party. Oh, probably except the part where we tasted the weirdest and horrible-est soup ever during supper. Blah.

To end the post, I shall show off the nicest picture I took that night (i think it's the nicest la compared to the rest). All photos taken with Samsung SII.

Note the three marshies on the left. It's like us, the 3 councils leading/guiding the other marshies (fireBRANDS).