22 October 2012


Three more days till my third sales meeting of which I was given the opportunity to lead (when God closes one door, He definitely for sure will open another one)

Four more days to a publicholiday after so long of no holidays on weekdays. Haha. Super nice.

Nine more days until I have finally completed my probationary period in this company and become a confirmed employee (that means entitled for annual leaves! and first thing I'm gonna do is apply for the five days of AYC 2012!)

Twelve days to ‘Enchantée au Clair de Lune’(Enchanted Moonlight). KDU's first annual ball and it's gonna be on the Superstar Libra. let's all cruise away :)

Fourteen more days to a briefing plus lunch with the Marriott peeps. When I can afford to, I will stay in any of the Marriott's hotels (at least once). It's so gorgeous and luxurious. Either that, or they are very convincing in their pervious briefing. Haha.

Twenty days till I can finally wite a tick on my to-do-list before I say byebye to humans. WHITE WATER RAFTING BABEHH!

Twenty eight days Junior Youth Retreat 2012. Nibong Tebal ftw! :)

Thirty seven days to my next appointment at Looi's. I have about a month to swallow as many burgers as I can! :)

Fifty eight days to the long-awaited AYC 2012.