08 August 2015

Saturday Feels.

Sitting on my couch at 11:30am watching Pacific Rim with wet hair and empty stomach.

Such is my Saturday.

The boy called at 8:05am and thus, my plan to wake up at anytime later than 9 fails! The brain was awake since then and I just kinda forced my entire body to sleep on until I feel satisfied.

Needless to say, that also failed because now my body feels sore. It feels like I shouldn't have forced myself to stay on the bed till the sun rises.

I guess there is no changing into sleep patterns now that I wake up automatically at 8 every single morning! Heh.

In a while, I will be going to Tesco with the boy and he's going to try cooking for his floorball gathering tonight. Oh boy. I hope no one gets diarrhea after tonight. Hah. Okaylah, actually he's a very good cook. He's just that 'I-like-to-experiment-kind-of-cook' so sometimes his food will taste super good, sometimes it's just ermm disgusting! Haha. Love you lah okay.

On another news, I finished my 5gb of data already. Yeah, I know how you gonna react to that. How can anyone finish 5gb of data? I don't know lah. I've been watching Youtube on my phone because too lazy to use laptop. Oh and since I downloaded Periscope to follow other bloggers, it's been crazy usage wei. Its cray cray.

On another another news, it seems like I don't have enough annual leave to do the things that I really want to do this second half of the year. Boohoo. One thing I know is prayer works! Hah.

Okay now I'm feeling so hungry I think a whole pig will not be an issue. Where art thou, Mut?

I shall get going now. Thanks for reading this :)