29 November 2013

Hot Couple.

She's drop-dead gorgeous.
He's so very good-looking.

Hot couple.

Okaylah, you also very cute lah :)

27 November 2013

Girlie Goal.

So, we are now in the process of sending our Art Director's hardwork to get it printed and then we could start distributing them :)

I wish I have a personal assistant that can do all this things for me. Not only for WhatTwoEatHere, but for my work too. Like when they want me to call up cafes or hotels to do conference and all this. Though I kinda enjoy them, I think I would enjoy having a personal assistant more. Bossy me. Hah.

Maybe next time, in the future, my rank will entitle me to a personal assistant. I sure will demand high pay for her, because working for me must be quite tough. Hahaha. And it'll definitely be a girl because girl can multitask better than guys. Oh, and she can become my fashion person too since I don't really have a very good sense of clothing and up to trend kinda thing. Personal shopper. Hmm.. All that sounds so good lah!

I shall work hard to get to my goal. Hahaha.

What a goal huh.

two more sleeps till mad city.

26 November 2013

Out Here.

Friday, please come fast.

I need to get out of this city for few days.

22 November 2013

My Diet Plan.

I have been eating fairly "healthy" for the past one week.

Okay, before any of you wished to tell me what healthy diet is, please don't. Haha.

I have a very different interpretation of eating healthy or my kind of diet that could make me shed those extra 3.5kg away.

Yes, I'm my own diet-plan. I have no idea if it's going to work at all, but it makes me feel like it is la.

I actually feel lighter? HAHAHA.

I cut down on my rice/noodles intake, that's the main part of the diet. Wait, that's actually the ONLY part of the diet. Heh.

To go on the "real" healthy diet, one needs a very strong motivation, but for me, the motivation is little. Very little.

How to sacrifice normal food and just take breast meat? I cannot lah. Crazy man? If like that, I won't even go out with people for lunch or dinner d. Even supper.

Food is the only thing that I can never be able to resist.

It's only when you tell your body that you want to go on diet, that it started craving for the world.

I do miss spamming on rice like banana leaf rice or something, but surprisingly I still can tahan. So, it's all good :)

Tomorrow got wedding dinner to attend. Very goood. My cheat day :) HAHAHA.

21 November 2013

The Favorite Tee.

How is everyone feeling today?

The 4th day of the week.
I know for most people, Sunday is their day one, but for me, Monday is the first day of the week. That's why Monday blues are so horrible. Start the week with waking up early for work. Heh. Okaylah, no more complaining about that anymore.

I have no idea why but as I was doing my work, I kept thinking about clothes. Yeah, clothes as in t-shirts and dresses.

I suddenly remembered of few t-shirts that I used to have for the longest time ever and how it's now all gone. All gone unvoluntarily.

Too bad I have no photos of them.

One of the t-shirts that I loved most and obviously most remembered is the orange top that's a bit oversized after all these years of washing and drying. It's orange faded a bit, and there's a medium-sized Winnie the Pooh's cartoon in front. When it started to fade a bit, it became my top favorite pajamas. Last time, I would wear them for one week straight to sleep. Haha.

Not only it was faded, it was also very torn at the shoulder area and then the "hole" grew bigger and bigger till my whole right (if I'm not mistaken) shoulder was bare. So sexy tau.

Despite the condition, I still wear it to sleep everytime it's freshly washed, till I noticed it missing months ago. Wait, I think almost a year ago d. Hmm I can't really remember.

Anyways, I went around the house (about a year ago I think) and asked everyone if they saw this orange top of mine. My family all knew exactly what I was talking about because they always see me in it close to bed time. 

I remembered clearly that everyone said no. Even Mrs Khoo. So, I just let it go. I was actually sad for few days.

The next thing I know, when I went into the kitchen few days after, I saw this orange cloth that was on the floor, that was obviously used for many days already (by the look of it) and it definitly looked like it was purposely being used at "floor mat"

I picked it up and LO AND BEHOLD, it was MY WINNIE THE POOH'S TOP! I straight gong ki. Like literally lost for words. Emotions also all mixed up. A lot of confusion though. 

Everyone laughed when they saw my reaction to it and I wanted to get it washed but mom said it was too late because it was actually very torn by now. SUCH A SAD DAY OKAY!

They all just laughed it off and I was like, so so sad. 

Okaylah, at least my sadness didn't take like few days. Not even hours. I think it was probably that 30 minutes after I found it being "tortured"! Hahaha. 

I think my mom felt bad because she assumed that I didn't want it anymore since so torn apart d and after that she just threw it away (or at least I think she threw it away la). I'll probably still feel sad everytime I see it on the kitchen floor. Mommy is so caring :))

So, now I no longer have any favorite t-shirt that I can wear to sleep. Waitt.. actually I've got one. His grey (definitely oversized) t-shirt that I now always wear to bed. Haha.

So yeah, that's my take on my favorite top that's rested in peace already.

What's yours?

20 November 2013

The Only One.

As you can see or read in the previous post on the "MARATHON" that both Koay and I did last Sunday, we did not take any photos at all. Got too busy trying to finish the race. Hah.


18 November 2013

Penang Bridge Walkathon.

Who joined the Penang Bridge Marathon this year?

I heard it got really expensive over the years. It's like RM40 plus for just 10km run or something. I wouldn't know how much it actually cost because I would NEVER, and I mean NEVER sign up for marathon/running/exercise events like this.

So, when you see/hear me talk about how much time I took to finish a 10km run, it's because someone (and there's always SOMEONE) from Dream Catcher couldn't make it and they have extra jerseys/numbers etc. Since it's paid for and no one was gonna take it, why not right? Since I've also gained that useless 3.5kg of nonsense in the body.

This time, however I decided to get Koay come along too. Also, since he needed keep his feet exercised (he injured his ankle's ligament, almost tore it entirely), why not accompany me right?

But he couldn't run so we walked from the beginning right till the end. 

At first, I thought it was going to be super nice and stress-free to walk alongside the injured boy and maybe we could watch sunrise too. I was wrong. Not that it was horrible. It was just bleh. Walking was no fun when everyone else was running. I felt like running but I didn't want to leave him behind, carrying his heavy bag (people's wallets, mobile phones, water bottles and snacks). Yes, we even took turns to carry that burden. So sweeet. Haha. 

Anyways, it was hard not to run when one by one, people are running/walking really fast past us and guess what he was doing 90% of the time!


Of all the time he feels like yakking at that time. I mean SERIOUSLY TALKING ABOUT EVERYTHING. Hahaha. I know I sounded like I'm complaining now about him, but it's really not. I'm just amazed at what this guy is up to and it always surprises me, whether in a good way or bad. HAHA.

I remembered at one point, I even ask politely, "Babe, can you keep quiet for like 5 minutes ah? Just 5 minutes so I can walk peacefully?" 

Guess what he did!

Took a bottle, removed the cap and poured some on my head. Yep, he was that bored. And he continued asking questions that I never answer. I kinda just enjoyed ignoring him and laughing when he get so frustrated that no one is answering him to anything. 


Okayla, for us it was walkathon all the way. But still, I need to save my energy to finish the "race" ma. 

Oh and we find it really difficult to reach the finish line. It was so far! 10kn seems like an easy task for us in the beginning, but believe it or not. We were the few last (if not last, but we kinda think that we were the last) in our 10km category to finish. 

We took two hours to finally end it. TWO HOURS! 

And what's worse is that the 10km fun-runners passed us like nobody's business. So paised when we walked to the right side where the sign says "10km/Half Marathon" and on the left was the sign that says, "Full Marathon"!


We did finish though we never get any medal or free bananas or fee cereals. Ain't nobody got time for that. 

Just when we thought the worse is no more. We then realized we had to walk back to Krystal Point to meet with my sister. And then only we actually started running for a while, until both our legs couldn't take it anymore. 


Since it's Sunday, we of course rushed to church after having no-shampoo-no-shower-gel-bath (kidding! I did use all the shampoo and body soap. I'm not sure about his though! HAHA). Oh, and despite all that rushing from south side, we were still earlier than Nic! Booyahh! :)

Oh, such a healthy Sunday.

p.s I no longer want to just walk in a marathon (that's if I still actually want to join..)