22 November 2013

My Diet Plan.

I have been eating fairly "healthy" for the past one week.

Okay, before any of you wished to tell me what healthy diet is, please don't. Haha.

I have a very different interpretation of eating healthy or my kind of diet that could make me shed those extra 3.5kg away.

Yes, I'm my own diet-plan. I have no idea if it's going to work at all, but it makes me feel like it is la.

I actually feel lighter? HAHAHA.

I cut down on my rice/noodles intake, that's the main part of the diet. Wait, that's actually the ONLY part of the diet. Heh.

To go on the "real" healthy diet, one needs a very strong motivation, but for me, the motivation is little. Very little.

How to sacrifice normal food and just take breast meat? I cannot lah. Crazy man? If like that, I won't even go out with people for lunch or dinner d. Even supper.

Food is the only thing that I can never be able to resist.

It's only when you tell your body that you want to go on diet, that it started craving for the world.

I do miss spamming on rice like banana leaf rice or something, but surprisingly I still can tahan. So, it's all good :)

Tomorrow got wedding dinner to attend. Very goood. My cheat day :) HAHAHA.