Wednesday, August 10, 2016

It's Next Month!

This is not normal!

One month left?

But but it's just yesterday that he proposed no?

We were not at Angkor Wat yesterday?

Oh man.

This feeling is so indescribable.

ONE MONTH?!?!?!?!?!

The next thing is what? One week left?


I am freaking out because I actually don't know what I am currently feeling which is probably a mixture of millions of unknown emotions not known to mankind.

This feeling is so exciting yet scary.

By the way, today is our dateline for all RSVPs so that just makes it real-er.

Okay bye now. 


  1. Hi there!

    Was wondering if you can share your overall experience with mydreamwedding? Because I stumbled across their facebook page (for KL) and was really glad to stumble upon your blog on google.

    I am working overseas therefore it would be good if I could just narrow down a few bridal studios and just go there and get it done and fly off again.

    I would really appreciate if you could share your experience with the bridal shop with me :)



    1. Hi Jessie! First of all, congrats on your wedding!

      I don't exactly know how to review on My Dream Wedding entirely because I have not experience other bridal brand to be able to say firmly that it's not normal on their 'trying to sell things' outside of the package. It seems to me that other bridal studios do that as well.

      What I can say is that I feel they have quite limited gown choices, especially the Platinum series (to which they upgraded a dress for me) and it feels like very wow at first, but when I was choosing the dresses in the Platinum category, I realized that there were so few that works for me. So, maybe it will work for you.

      As for the photo-taking and editing, there is no wow factor for me. You should drop by the shop and look around first because you may find other bridal studios more suitable to your style. Most important is that do not sign their package on the same day you check it out. That was one of our mistake as we didn't have enough time to re-consider. I hope this helps, sort of :)

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks for sharing with me your thoughts on this. I really appreciate it. Will have to look around I guess.

    I am also stuck on a location! Where will you be holding your banquet if you don't mind me asking? And congratulations on your wedding too. It's happening soon!



    1. Hi Jessie! We will be having our dinner at G Hotel! Yess, it's so surreal that it's happening in less than 3 weeks! Madness I tell you! :)


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