25 August 2016

Wedding Update 17.

Hello you people.

I realized that I have a few posts that's too back-dated, but I am not feeling the blogging mojo at this moment because of all the things that's in my mind right now.

Nope, not wedding.


Who am I kidding?

Ever since Daryl was born, it seems that I cannot hide the fact that the next big thing that I must look forward to is the wedding.

Oh by the way, thank you all who prayed for Daryl. He was in the hospital for about a week due to a very abnormal case of jaundice where it was detected on the first day when he came out. The normal jaundice case usually only occurs on second day onward.

He is home now, sleeping, drinking milk and farting a lot. His jaundice (as of yesterday) went up again and he still looks quite yellow-ish. Please do continue to pray for Daryl. Doctor says that it will take about 10 days for the jaundice to stabilize, but if not then Daryl will most likely needs to be admitted again.

Praying for complete healing in Jesus' name!


By the way, Daryl is not my baby biologically okay. Just a note for those who didn't know and probably thought that he's from my womb. He's my sister's second born, hopefully not last born :)

So that is that.

Daryl came and now the next thing to come is the entire walking down the aisle (the one thing that freaks me out most now) and moving to another house without my parents.

That will feel like real adulthood I feel. No.. I don't want to be an adult can ah? So many decisions to make. Headache ni.

I do look forward to sharing the same room with my best-friend but totally not looking forward to the snores. Heh. Can never please a girl they say.

Anyways, on 24 August 2016 which was yesterday, we sat down right after dinner and finalized our table seating for all our guests.


What if they don't like each other?
What if this table is too quiet?
Why got one extra seat here?
All couple so how to fit one person here?
Not so nice to mix young people with old people la.
Enough food for this group or not?

That was just putting people to a seat each. We haven't even allocate the table numbers. Later put them too far say we don't respect them, put them too near to the speakers they cannot enjoy, put them in the middle so difficult to walk out, put them at the side later their kids run everywhere cannot control et cetera.

A table can fit up to 10 adults, and too bad for us, our gang of friends, clients, colleagues, families do not come in groups on tens. So, that's another difficult area to manage, but we did it anyhow.

We discussed until midnight okay I almost fell asleep on the table. Drama heh.

One thing I did learnt throughout the 11 months of planning is that I realized that there is still so much of myself and Koay that we both do not know yet, and we've been best kind of buddies for about 4 years before we started dating each other. That's 8 years in total for both of us to know each other to the core, but nope.

I think what helped is the pre-marriage counselling with Pastor Cowan. The different sessions reveal a lot of things that's in us that we were not aware of. I didn't even think at first that it was important for him to know the other inner side of me because I was being defensive and I of course want to protect myself just in case right.

One thing that makes us more effective as a unit is where we understood each other's expectations and how to manage it in peace but with lots of communications. No silent treatment all thank you.

We now understand why we get angry on certain things or how we react to certain issues and how we 'tackle' each other.

In the first 6 months of our planning, we argued so much that there were days we refused to talk to each other. It was bad, in my opinion. But when the counselling starts, everything seemed better and fun-er.

Now, we hardly argue. We still have our big/huge disagreements and we I still sometimes talk very loudly/rude when certain things came up but I now know how to see things differently.

He knows to remind me to talk normally (no need blood pressure rise up all) and discuss things through. I know how to explain to him the different perspectives before he makes a quick convenient decision. We both learnt to meet halfway and come out with the third option should the first and second not work.

Of course sometimes, he will give in to me because I have better taste (if we are referring to house-things). Kidding boy kidding. You are very good with it too :)

So yeah.

We have 1 month left to get all things sorted.

One month to Bali and Lombok :)

Oh yes please :)

Bye now.