01 August 2016

3D2N Cameron Highlands (Camping-Style).

with the lover, Jack, Carmen, Kuok Tjun, Shalene, Nehemiah, Angeline, Andrew and Beverly.
on 10-12 June 2016.

If you know us pretty well, you would have known by now that whenever we need a winter-like holiday that requires less than RM300 per person over the weekend, Cameron Highlands will always be the first choice.

Not Genting Highlands because there is nothing to do there except for eating and gambling and it's very haunted. Hah.

To be fair, there is not a lot of things to do in Cameron Highlands as well but they do have the most amazing campsite so that's a win. Though I feel that they should renovate the toilets and put an effort in keeping them clean and unclogged. Hah.

So, what else is there to do when life got us all so stressed up and broke?

We create a Whatsapp Group with this kind of title: 3D2N Camping at CH and start adding people who share the same 'camping-passion' with you or people who will most likely not give you an immediate loud NO everytime you suggest a quick vacation. Heh.

The hardest part was fixing the right date when most of the fellow group-ies can go.

If that is not done asap, then the holiday will not happen. The other details such as how to go and what to do there comes later on.

When the parents knew about the camping plan, they got all so excited and decided to join us. They went and get all the camping tents and stuff the very next day. So the parents, Vanessa, Vicky and Ah Boon all geared up and ready to try camping life for the first time.

They went on Friday morning, while the rest of us drove up to Cameron Highlands on Friday night after work. Tiring yes but somehow the fact that we get to enjoy the winter-weather after few hours of drive seems to be so worth it so nope, no time to feel tired.

If you want to know more on this camping adventure, all the where-tos and how-tos, you may go read this post instead. Please know that they have renovated the place and if I may, I feel that the camping area seems better now. All sand-ed up, so softer grounds to sleep on.

I love love love camping at Cameron Highlands despite the smelliest, yuckiest toilets that they've got. Camping in winter places is the best kind of thing.

The only thing that was boo throughout this trip was the constant rain. It was so bad that my parents, Vanessa, Vicky and Boon stayed a night in the hotel while the rest of us remained at the campsite because our tents were not flooded like theirs.

That is why it is so important to get waterproof tents (which are obviously more expensive than the normal ones). The other tents had water inside too but was not too bad because they were on the higher part of the sand area, so no takung water there.

Some of the pillows, most of the clothes, all towels and other things were so wet that we had to bring to their dobi to spin dry them.

Coldest and wettest time of the month for sure. Loved the low celcius but dislike the wetness from the rain.

Then again, if it wasn't for the rain, the river probably won't be so freezing cold and we may not have the water to play with like little kids.

One of the nicest and most adventurous weekend spent with the crazy bunch :)

I foresee myself investing more $$$ into camping things.

Till next time.

Bye now.