30 April 2013

Two Noobs Go Spa.

About a month or so ago, we decided to help Andrew make a video. A video on L.O.V.E. and death and proposal and stuff. I still remember when he first asked me through Facebook, I said no immediately and then he continued saying that he needs us because we are already a couple. So, I went to ask Koay and suprisingly he said, "OK!" without thinking deeply. Haha. I was a bit reluctant cos I do not act or want to be in video shooting stuff. I'm more like a watch-the-video-kind. Well, Koay is also like that but he mentioned to me that it would be a new adventure that we get to explore and do it together. And afterall, it's not really acting because we are really together.

So yeah.. we did the video and crossing our fingers that we would win first place or at least top three, so that we would get the spa and *coughs*MYBLACKBERRY*coughs*


There goes my hope of getting the Blackberry from Andrew. Gah..

Yeap, after all participating members submit their videos and they just gave them this.


Can you believe it? Andrew then emailed them to let them know how disappointed and they cannot do this and bla bla. They just replied, "Sorry for any inconvenience caused!" It's like WHAT? Poor Andrew. He was very into this whole shoot and spent quite a lot of moolahs in it. So, when Andrew got this spa thing, he didn't want to go so he gave it to both of us! Nah, ANDREW CHAN WEI KIN! Here's your credit! Hahaha! THANK YOUUU! :)

The voucher also hold terbalik. We were looking forward to the massage after a long working week.

Anyways, after Koay reminded me, we made an appointment on Saturday noon and I went googling to see what was included in this package worth RM660.

Ultimate Spa Packages (2 hours)
- 45mins massage (done by two Filipino women)
- Body Scrub/ Body Mask (did not manage to see the product used)
- Jacuzzi with European Herbal Bath (I cannot believe they actually say EUROPEAN HERBAL BATH! Hello, we saw a bottle of Tesco Body Shampoo or something okay. Green color and looked like a dishwashing soap!)
- Footbath (Definitely nothing near a bath! Just put in hot water for few minutes and scrub here and there..)

We were supposed to be completely nude for the massage and jacuzzi dipping. But no thanks. So, we asked them for towels. Haha. This kind of spa is perfect for married couples. NOT US for sure! Anyways, we sat in the jacuzzi for a good 40 minutes WITH TOWELS, sipping away carbonated papaya juice (yuck much!) and talked and laughed and relaxed. The massage was okay. We went home feeling hmm.. feeling that our body was gonna ache the next day. And true enough when we woke up next day, manyak sakit.

Will we go back there for this kind of spa?
Nope. Totally not worth the money.
RM330 per person.
Take that money go Hatyai for shopping and full body massage and eat non-stop better.

And that was our Saturday noon. Quite fun experiencing new things like that together. And we love love love love LOVE their garden themed restaurant. *grins*