25 April 2013

Our Lil Angel: Sha Lynn.

Sha Lynn. (yep, that's her full name in case you are wondering)

Adventist Hospital, Penang.

19th April 2013.

Here goes the story of how we welcomed our lil girl into our world.

Mommy Sha was admitted into hospital on Thursday, but Sha Lynn only decided to come out the next day early in the morning. I wouldn't call it natural birth as she was scheduled to "bring" her out a week earlier than the supposed due date. So, we were in the hospital on Thursday night, waiting and hoping that it will happen soon!

Still can smile with the pretty flowers and three floating balloons. No pain yet ma :)

And of course, still can fool around with the camera :)

And yes, she pushed till Sha Lynn came out! Good teamwork! So, the next day they went into the delievery room early in the morning around 7-ish and baby came out soon after that! However, when Sha Lynn came out, she seemed like she was not really breathing on her own. She did not really cry and stuff like that. So, they brought her into NICU and there, they put on an oxigen tube to her nose and also a small long tube into her tummy through her mouth.

After a day in the NICU with all those tubes, doctor took out the oxigen tube to allow herself breathe on her own and observed her very closely. That was the first time we saw her opened her eyes. Actually, I'm not sure if it's "we". For me, for sure it was my first time. Not in person though. I saw them through pictures. Heh.

After another day, all tubes removed. TRIPLE YAY! If you see closely, you can see a lot of tubes. She even have IV drips on her hand. So heartbreaking to see lil Sha Lynn having to go through all that! But God is good and she got better very quickly! Thanks to all of you who prayed for her and mommy!

After few days only, Mommy gets to hold baby for the first time. Such great moment that was!

Hungry baby searching for milk already..

I could stare at her whole day as she sleep. No kidding! Adorable is an understatement, for sure!

Me: *keeps on repeating* Sha Lynn, wake up! Ee ee is here to play with you. Sha Lynn.. Sha Lynn..
Her: *as per photo above*

Good thing she didn't cry after that. If not, I sure kena marah by the mommy. Haha. Sha Lynn, you have to cooperate with Ee ee okayy!

So now, baby and mommy are both resting in the hospital. They went back yesterday as baby has jaundice that's abit too high. I stayed a night at the hospital with mommy sha and woke up with a very very stiff neck (No, I'm not complaining.. Just saying..).

She's almost a week's old and I can't wait to run around the house with her already. She definitely melts all our hearts away. Stole all our attention too! My mom once forgot to cook lunch for us because she totally forgot about us! Hahaha. Grandma sudah naik pangkat, very happy d! :)

So yeah, I haven't been active in blogging because it's been an amazing packed one week with Sha Lynn being our main focus and going for a rehearsal for our family night that's happening tomorrow! Ahhh! Excited! :D

Till then, everyone :)