07 June 2015

Koay's Love Language #1, #2 and #3.

So, this is something new that I just randomly decided to have of the conversations that I have with Koay. Mainly for future purposes when I wanna read back. OR AS PROOF WHEN I WANT TO CLAIM THAT MONEY FOR THE FOOD --> read below to get what I mean. Heh.

This is quite important because being a humble guy he is, he had always 'apologize' to me for being a total 'loser' in the romantic things. Things like bringing me on an expensive dinner on our special days, saying romantic things and do all kinds of romantic things that people he knows are doing to their better half.

Despite me telling him thousands of times that I don't go for these things. I don't in fact agree with spending five hundreds dollars on a dinner on a special day just to show how much the guys loves a girl? If that's something that the guy can afford then that's their story.

Our story is simple. We do not let all the romantic things cloud us of our expectations on one another. We know very well where we both are in this. Expectations. Yet, I think deep inside he still feels like every girl wants a guy who is really good at their words, doing all the romantic gestures like buying flowers on a random day, bringing the girl to holidays et cetera and I am a girl, so somehow, I guess he thinks that I sure want that. Nope. Flowers die too quickly and too expensive some more. Hah.

The thing is he failed to realize that he's so romantic in every other way WITHOUT HIM REALIZING IT AT ALL. That is why I want to record it here. 

Mister Muthu, if you are reading this, please know that you have been the most loving and caring and I am the most blessed to be loved by you.

So, here goes #1, #2 and #3 of Koay's unknowingly romantic (my definition) gestures. His way of showing love. His love language. 

*On the phone with him after work on Friday. He was already in KL for SEA Games preparation*
Him: What you gonna eat for dinner wor?
Me: Err. I think I'll just cook maggi mee at home. Not feeling too well..
Him: Mom didn't cook ah?
Me: Yeah.. No one is gonna be home.
Him: Tapau something?
Me: Umm. No money lah. Overspent last month. Nvm la. Maggi mee is okay.

*Later at 10pm, I received a message from Jack, his good buddy*
Jack: Hello Kutu! How are you doin? Makan d ah?
Me: Hello! Yeah, went out for dinner with my sister and bro in law. Why? Want to belanja me ah?
*Jack didn't reply because later I found out that he was asleep*

*Whatsapp-called (because somehow skype very lag) the lover later on before sleeping*
Me: Ehhh. Funny just now Jack out of nowhere texted me and asked if I ate d..
Him: Oh isiit? Actually.. I texted him, asked him tapau food and deliver to your house, but he fell asleep because he just finished work. Haha.
Me: Whattt? Awww. You crazy boy.

*I woke up at about 530am because I forgot to switch off my alarm last night and couldn't sleep after that. Had some trouble breathing normally so I sat up and checked my whatsapp and replied him*
Him: Awake? So early? 
*called me since he was still in KL, about to board the bus to Singapore for SEA Games*
Me: Yeah. Alarm went off and I don't feel good now babe. I cannot breathe..
Him: Har! Are you serious?
Me: Mmhmm. *breathes in deeply*
Him: Go drink hot water now. Now ah. Go go. (look who's bossy now! :P)
*hangs up the phone and I dragged myself to the kitchen to get hot water*

*phone rings again*
Him: Drink d? Feel better? Go back to sleep okay?
Me: Err.. I think a bit better lah. Okay. Love you.

*few hours later, he called again to check if I feeling okay. The thing is he was the one who had high fever few days ago of suspected dengue. Thank God everything is good now. No more fever!*

*I've been eating lesser starting this month because I really overspent the moolahs last month and it is quite okay because I eat my dinners at home every weekdays. It's just the weekends or certain days when my mom doesn't cook or coffee-time with friends that I usually will not order*
Him: Eat better food babe. Not bread and all.
Me: It's okay lah. I can eat bread and other things. I don't want and have no extra money to spend on food d.
Him: You just order what you want to eat okay? Claim from me when I come back!
Me: Whatttt. Awww.