22 June 2015

Koay's Love Language #4 and #5.

*calls me on the phone*
Him: Babe, where are you?
Me: On the way back to office. Why ah?
Him: I bought pineapple for you. 
Me: Yay. Serious ah? Okay okay. I meet you at the lorong.
Him: Okay okay.

I have been missing this page a lot. I have been wanting to update on the Singapore trip but somehow my photos are just giving me major headache.

There's about 150 photos to be transferred but only about 60 managed to go through. The rest don't know what happen.

I feel like I have enough time but when it's the weekends or weekday nights, I feel like I'm just gonna waste the hours in front of the laptop trying to update my blog instead of hanging out with friends. 

Though sometimes, I really do want to be in my pajamas, tie my hair up (wait, it's short now so no need to tie! Heh), wears my glasses, sip on a cup of hot green tea, put one of my leg up on the chair and be in that comfort zone.

So far, it's not happening because it seems like most nights I already have plans and the only time when I actually can choose to stay home or go out is when the lover has floorball training to go to.

When there's no training, I obviously will choose to go out with him or spend time just looking at him doing his work. Hah. Nolah, just kidding. I'm not that obsessed. I have better things to do than to look at his face. Heh. 

Speaking of floorball, recently I found myself dwelling on the thought of going back to playing floorball. It is a very nice sport to play and with all the nice people. The thing is I cannot commit myself to the weekly training. I would like to just play for fun but then again, I want to do well in it. No need to talk about stamina because it's obviously somewhere else. What stamina?

Ask me climb a mountain hill, can. Ask me run fast for few minutes, cannot. 

Oh well. 

I promise the surprise trip post is gonna come real sooon.

I shall finish off this post with his fifth.

*while brainstorming on what to have for dinner with friends*
Him: Ehh, we can all eat the buka-puasa-food. *long pause suddenly* Ehh. It's puasa time d! Let's do our buka-puasa date. 
Me: Oh ya. Can lah. Still got one month.
Him: You obviously forgot about our tradition right? Admittt. Just admit it. *so determined to prove that I forgot about it so that he can feel better for forgetting on other major things* HAHAH.
Me: Nooo.. I didn't forget la. I just didn't bring up because puasa just started only what. *smiles*
Him: Yeah right. You forgot. Memang pun you forgot. Oklah, like that we do tomorrow okay? :)

Three years together and sometimes it feels as if we just started not too long ago. 

Buka puasa by the beach today. Yeeepiii.