05 October 2015

Koay's Love Language #10.

*we went fishing at Pulau Betong on Saturday when he suddenly realized something*
Him: Babe! Why you bring such an expensive bag to the beach?
Me: *being super defensive because he asked that question* This bag where got expensive! It's the two piece for RM200 only wor.
Him: Whatt? That's expensive lah!
Me: *ignores him for a while since got other people around*

*later when on our way home in the car*
Me: Haiz. So sad lah. Just now my fiance scolded me! *drama a bit*
Him: *obviously shocked* WHAT! I where got scold you. 
Me: Just now the way you question me and my bags lah. Haiz. *still drama-ing*
Him: Aww baby. I wasn't scolding you lah. I thought it's a very expensive bag ma.
Me: I where can afford to buy branded bags now. *day-dreaming about my desired Coach handbag*
Him: When I can afford, I will buy for you okay? I will buy branded bags for you. Any brand you want. LV okay?
Me: Hurhhh? Did I hear correctly ahh? LV? 
Him: Yeah, I will buy for you okay.
Me: *looking at him so suspiciously* Oh! You mean made in Bangkok one ahh! HAHA!
Him: No no no. I mean the really branded one lah, the one that you have always wanted. next time I sure buy for you.
Me: *speechless literally*

If this is what being engaged does to him, I cannot wait till when we get married! Hah.