11 December 2015

Koay's Love Language #11.

This week has been the busiest week for me and as much as I wanted it to be over as soon as possible, that also means I'll have to go through with it and survive. 

For him, it was one of those weeks where he can relax a bit but still he's always busy since he loves what he does so much. 

Job - 1, Fiance - 0.

Sometime this week, he made plans to go down to KL with a friend for more work-related matters under his annual leave mind you. So, that basically means that we will only see each other once for the next 14-days or so since I'll be leaving to camp soon. 

The timing was right on Wednesday when I will fly back to Penang from KL, and him, to KL from Penang, all on the same day. 

We made plans to meet up a while at the airport, just to have a glance on each other. Overly attached couple alert. Hah. 

I arrived at the airport and called him.

Me: Mister, where are you? I just landed.
Him: I'm here already. 
Me: I go upstairs Departure Hall meet you ah? You wait at McD or something lah. 
Him: No no. You just come out, can see me d.
Me: Ahh, okay okay. 

I walked out and did not see any Muthu at the domestic arrival hall. I called him again to check if he was at the right place. Serious. 

Once, we were supposed to meet at the hospital for something ( I cannot remember what). We agreed to meet at the canteen but after long calls and stuff, we realized we were both in a different hospital!

So yeah. 

Him: I didn't see you coming out also.
Me: What? I'm out like so out d okay. 
Him: OHHH! I was waiting at the International Arrival Hall! G!
Me: G!

His plan to 'receive' me failed but puts a big smile on my face that night. 

We had quick dinner at Airport's KFC and bid farewell. So drama alright. HAHA!