09 December 2015

Wedding Update 3: Engagement Photoshoot.

I think planning a wedding is stressful. No wait. Who am I kidding? Planning a wedding is stressful. I don't think it is. It obviously is. We had the opportunity to plan our friend's wedding together recently and I felt that, that has given us a good platform to see things differently now. So yes, I do think that God works on a perfect timing :)

Despite the 'experience' that we had, there's nothing like planning own wedding. The stress level is brought up to 1,000 times more, and as much as people have already warned us about the 'confirm will argue phase', it didn't like make things easier also.

We still argue hard and loud. Heh. 

Two months into being engaged, we have so far confirmed the venues and got our dates blocked. DOUBLE YAY!

The other thing that is very important is getting the right people, the right team to be in charge of capturing all the lovely moments, both before and during the big day. Yes, I am obviously talking about photography. I hope we can afford to do videography but we will have to see about that later. Budget is the only subject I wish I don't have to talk about. Hah. 

Can you imagine my excitement when we have finally confirmed the team who will be doing on our pre-wedding photoshoot engagement?


They are called onemustardseed.

Some of my favorite shots from their FB page here.

They are based in OZ Land but guess what? No distance is too far for them to help you make your wedding the most meaningful day ever. 

I can't wait for the photoshoot already yeah. 

One less stress, yesssss!