04 July 2016

Hello July.

July has started and I am not ready to have second part of the year yet.

Too many things on the plate now. 

It is getting a bit more exciting because our invitation cards are going to be out soon so that's pretty huge and time-consuming.

However, I am so ready to be married to this man despite feeling that time passes too fast. I cannot wait to live with him but also not really looking forward to leave my parents and my house.

It is going to be an emotional battle when September comes so we shall see how. 

I decided to blog today because we have exactly

2 months
2 weeks
2 days 

to signing the paper and seal half the deal.

This is by far going to be the most important signature I will ever have to sign. There is no turning back anymore once it happens, so we better be super sure that we both want to spend the rest of our lives together. Till death do us part.

I always tell him that I want to go Heaven first before him because I will not be able to cope living alone without him on earth because it will be too painful. How selfish I know. Hah.

Oh wells.

A girl gotta do what she has got to do.