25 July 2016

Wedding Update 15: Room Renovation.

Oh hello there you people.

I am back with more room updates! It feels like forever to get our room all dolled up and arranged.

The last time I updated on our room, the floor was still dirty, messy and not properly done up yet. This time, all is done :) *throws confetti*

It was his desire to install the wooden flooring into the master bedroom, in fact he wanted to have all other rooms to be of wooden flooring as well but it will cost too much on us so we decided to do it in our room first.

My whole life (okay not really whole life lah, probably after teen years heh) I live in a house with wooden flooring so this is nothing new to me. If anything, this makes it feel closer to my home.

Anything to do with main room renovation, we will make sure that both of us must be there to avoid making any decisions that the other person do not like because of the no-show.

So, whatever it is, if one cannot make it, then the renovation will just have to wait. Same goes with the flooring.

We waited till the one Saturday that we both can. So take note people. Anything to do with renovation and making decisions that sometimes are irreversible (or comes with a high cost), do it together. The contractors can wait okay. No point arguing for days on it. Speaking from experience. Heh.

Moving on.

We went to many home fairs and checked out all their promotion packages for wooden flooring (some looked like wooden flooring but are actually tiles) and in the end, we decided to go for JYC Group.

Adrian's friend, Daniel, his family owns this company.

So, of course we support and also because this company is well-known already for their high quality woods and warm services.

I know that because my family also uses JYC Group for all the wooden flooring in our house. Our ex-house also okay. All this before I knew Koay.

So, when Adrian suggested JYC Group, it was like an instantaneously yes! With JYC Group handling our floors, we don't even have to be there to monitor please.

For those who plans to install these wooden flooring in your home/office/studio, we highly recommend JYC Group!

Jia Yee Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd - Office address, phone number and email address.

Maybe if you quote, "Adrian & Sarah recommended you" to them, they may give you special discounts :) Oh when I say them, I actually meant Daniel or his parents. Maybe no need say my name since I don't think they really know me :)

When the men came in to inspect around, the room was super dusty and dirty. They did not only sweep and clean the entire room by themselves, they also did not ask us to help. Okay maybe not so wow or what lah since usually people don't like ask strangers or clients to clean together with them.

My point is that they did not ask us to clean the room ourselves. Usually I think the home-owners will need to clean the floors and remove all rubbish first eh.

So, that was a good impression already.

They continued working silently (A VERY HUGE PLUS POINT!) because I was watching Greys Anatomy in the living room. Hah. Koay was just into his phone playing poker or something.

At the end of the installation, they actually also advised us on what is best to do behind our door area because I believe that they could have just do anything easy without telling us because more convenient ma but no. They took the hassle of explaining to us the pros and cons to the 2 options that we have and the man actually repeated himself a few times because we didn't quite get it. Hah.

Yay to great contractor like this one!

Highly recommended!

Have a great last week of July, people.

Bye now.