02 February 2017

Post Wedding 4: Wedding Designs.

Adrian is a more of a chin-chai person when it comes to designs, even for our own wedding, but not for me. I need to know that I am in good hands when it comes to designs because I don't want to be looking back at my wedding photos/cards one day and not like them.

So we were extremely blessed because we had the most talented Creative Director who did all our wedding designs for us.

Anything that needed to look good, he would design it for us.

When it comes to artsy stuff, we left it to him to decide because his eyes are definitely more chun.

Oh wait, let me introduce him first.

He is none other than Tan Le Roy. I am sorry girls, he is not available anymore :)

If you would like to get him to design for you, please PM me okay :)

He asked us questions on our preferred colors, our personal styles that we like, then he managed to combine all of them and come out with all these (point below).

Now, time for you to feast your eyes :)

Thank you Le Roy for all these amazing stuff! You are very talented, I bet you already know that! 

No words can describe how thankful we are for you to agree to do this for us :)

You rock!