31 January 2017

One Hour with Sha Lynn.

Today is the first day of work after spending the last three-days feasting, hosting and playing like a boss. Now, the working blues hit me, but I kinda like coming back to office this week as I can clear off some paperwork stuff. 

Anyways, I had 1-hour so I decided to drive home for momzay's curry chicken and rice/bread. 

Something happened and I decided to write it on Sha Lynn's Facebook wall so that she will remember them when she's older and able to read them. 

Here goes.

Hi little girl. 

This is for you to read when you are allowed to have a FB account okay. 

Today, you decided to be extra cheeky and playful which I absolutely loved. I was a customer and you were the chef. You made me a cup of orange juice, a fried chicken and a bowl of mushroom soup. 

Then, you sneakily took my phone and hid it somewhere only your mind can brain. 

I asked you for the phone and you happily skipped to the 'crime scene'. It was well hidden among the gon-xi-gong-xi snacks in the basket.

You passed to me but just before it reaches my hand, your hand opened a little and it slipped off your tiny but fat fingers.

We both watched it fall but we had different expressions obviously. 

An hour later, you went to sleep, and the phone refused to let me use it. It now has a mind on its own. It opens up Twitter when I swipe it. Then, it open WhatsApp when I click the Home button. 

I could not answer anyone's  call and when I turned on the Voice Over feature, it won't be turned off so now I have a man constantly telling me the time and date in a robotic and fast-forward tone. What a day really!

Now, it won't be unlocked!

Even then, I still loved our 1-hour play time today. This year, your angpows shall be mine okay?

Your favorite Ee Ee in the world

My stress level has just gone up by a hundred times. The robotic voice keeps repeating something that I do not understand. Oh myyy. 

I hope this can be fixed because I have zero money to get a new phone whatsoever. 

Anyways, it's the fourth day of the chinese new year and although I have to work for the rest of the week, I shall focus on the night entertainment and dinners. We only have less than a week in Penang before we head to Hanoi for our second honeymoon. 

I cannot wait. Heh. 

Till then. 

Bye now.