08 May 2017

Countryside Stables Penang at Balik Pulau.

I never knew that Penang island has a place where you can be so close physically to horses and ride on them as you wish, though chargeable.

Apparently, Rachel and Kah Wei have been there a few times I think. So they suggested this place for a quick family getaway on Labor Day. It was either this or Taiping Zoo. This for sure since we have been there. 

This place is called Countryside Stables Penang and here are some fun facts about this place that you may want to know:
  • Countryside Stables Penang is a private owned property, located on the other side of island called Balik Pulau.
  • They have about 40 healthy horses of different kind of breeds and colors. 
  • Some of which are called Shetland Ponies, Pure Bred Arabian Horses et cetera.
  • They also have some donkeys and miniature horses roaming in that private property. 
  • Yes there is an entrance fee that you have to pay in order to go in (Adult = RM6 // Child = RM4)
  • Should you be interested in riding these horses, you will have to pay  obviously (Adult = RM20 // Child = RM17)
  • Countryside Stables Penang can also be rented out for private functions (minimum 100 persons) or for pre-wedding photoshoot at RM450 per hour (crazyyy)
  • You can get a bucket of imported hay at RM5 (1 bucket is more than enough to feed the horses there)
  • Opening hours: 2pm-7pm.

Overall, I think it was pretty fun to be able to get so close to these horses although we were scared. Heh. I mean you can like touch them and like take amazing selfies and all, if you dare enough. 

One thing we learnt that day was horse do not like that humans are behind them or beside them where they cannot see you. Vanessa almost got kicked by Sha Lynn's horse because we were standing there and when the horse moved forward, we just stood there. 

So in that instance, the horse must have felt some human presence on his right backside-side, and moved his entire backside towards her. If he would have raised his two legs behind, Sha Lynn would have fallen off the horse and Vanessa would be kicked on the front. 

Dangerous sial.

At least now we know. 

So whenever you are near a horse, always make sure you're not behind them. 

The do not like it. 

For those who just found out about this place, you are very welcome :) You all should go visit then head p to Genting Thai Food (uphill) for dinner because one of the best Thai food we have ever eaten. They are the good ones!

Till then, bye now.