22 May 2017

Finally Here.


After being sick for a week, I am still like 20% sick.

But it's a yasssss because I feel so much better and it's like I finally can smell things around me.

Also because we will be heading to the airport in few hours' time for a longgggg holiday! So yassssss.

Flu bugs, you will not travel with me to winter-holiday so leave now thank you.

I have been swallowing gallons and gallons of water for the past few days and taking different medicines to get rid of these stubborn bugs but they are still here. Stress.

To top that, I have been sleeping alone for so many days I forgot that I have a husband. Hah. Kidding. How can you forget being married, especially to a Mut?

No stress no stress. Holiday starts today.

Koay went to office today to settle off a few things. Not like he won't work when he's there. Hah. Workaholic husband, but I get that because when you do what you truly love and enjoy, it's really not working at all. I have not heard him complained (not even once) about having to work outside of 'office hours' or during holidays.

Anyways, this is just like a random update because I finally feel excited already for this trip. Finally feeling the butterflies. We managed to squeeze both our things into a big luggage and a cabin bag. I feel so proud of both of us. Initially we wanted to brig 1 big bag each but thought that could be a space-problem when we want to load all that onto our rented car. So, squeeze and don't bring the entire wardrobe.

See you all when we come back!

Gotta go wash and blow my hair now :)

Bye now.