27 July 2017

14D13N Self-Drive Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane (Part IV)

I am back again, sooner than expected because I have so many other things to blog about but I cannot because I have not finished with this trip yet, so here goes.

Before that though, if you have not read the first few, please do read them over here.

Now we can start.


Time for us to bid this amazing Airbnb goodbye. It has been the most amazing stay here.

We had to return the Mitsubishi Outlander to Apex and get the other car from Wicked Camper.

Third car: 5-seaters Campervan // $1005.00 (no baby car seat) - from Melbourne to Brisbane

The company name itself will suggest that their cars are obviously going to be the interesting type. true enough, we got our campervan looking like this.

Everytime we drove into the city or town, we would hide our faces, because people would be taking out their phones and take photos or have a good laugh. True story please.

After a few times, we decided to just wave at them curious people.

Other than that, the interior is pretty comfortable for 4 people. You can turn this van into a campervan and actually sleep in them. It comes with a sink and a few storage places, so it's legit a campervan. No hotel never mind.

On our way to Sydney, we stopped at Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery for a quick dessert/snack time. It was windy, cold and sunny so it was perfect. The view was amazingggg!

Loved it!

Oh ad we found out that we got a love letter from the Australian Government because we went over the orange light (2.2 seconds difference) at a traffic light junction in Melbourne. Total damage: $429 (RM1372.00).


Always yassss to free mini chocolates like this! They have white chocolate and dark chocolate too. All Asians are seen to make multiple trips to the counter to scoop these minis onto their hands many many many times. MANY TIMES.

Done with children stuff. Next is adult stuff - Chandon Winery.

The place again is so beautiful - it's just something about Yarra Valley that everyone must come see. It's just so calming and nice.

Even their cows look better.

They have a tasting bar right in the middle of the restaurant for you to taste ALL their Chandon wines. You have to pay a minimal fee of some sort (I think it's like $10 per person or something). We wanted to but because we need to drive all the way to Albury (about 5 hours drive), we let this one go.

It would have been nice to try all their wines though, especially the white ones.

Or do they only produce white wines? I do not know anything about wine. Just love drinking yummy ones.

We stopped by at another small town for lunch, however when we got into a Chinese Restaurant, the owner (from Hong Kong) was rushing out to go home (takes him about 1 and half hour to get home) and to come back to this town to open for dinner.

He told us that he only had the fried rice and some dishes to offer, so we took it and camped outside his now-closed restaurant. We enjoyed our meal to be honest.

The fried rice and sweet sour pork were super yummy.

We spent the next few hours driving towards Albury and stopped at a gas station to refill fuel, only to realize that all of us were hungry and decided to have our very first Australian McDonalds' experience. They say everything in McD tastes better in OZ.

Err, same only. I like the fact that they let us choose to have either french fries or garden salad as sides. That's very good because not everyone wants to eat fries okay. Heh. 

Loved the order-yourself-screen!

It was just like about 6pm-ish but the sky turned dark so fast it's crazy. Really cannot get used to that. Then, you will not see a anyone on the streets. Felt so weird. 

We arrived at our Albury's Airbnb (in darkness mind you). The only light was their front door light. 

You can hear so many 'Wows!' when we moved in with our millions of luggages (heh) because the place was so cosy, homey and super nice!

We all have a bed each because Vanessa and Kelly wanted to sleep in the smaller-living room where they have the comfiest sofa and endless DVDs for you to use. 

Yes, we brought all the fresh goodies from Melbourne to Albury with us and had a supper-feast with them. So yums goodness.

Loved staying at Airbnb places in Australia because their kitchen is equipped with not only the basic utensils, but also spices on the counters that are not expired. Win.

Albury - Sydney

It was one of the best sleep ever since we got to this kangaroo land. The bed so soft and big, the pillows so fluffy and the neighborhood so quiet and peaceful.

Arrived safely in Sydney after many hours behind the wheels!

Check-in to the next Airbnb!

The streets here also same thing - quiet and dark after 6pm. I wouldn't dare to walk alone after 6pm - you never know where the murderers and kidnappers hide. It's just too dark. Heh.

We were told that the parking fees in Sydney's city is pure madness so we decided to Uber our way to the city.

We were pretty tired but we only have few days in Sydney so treasure every moment here we did. Hah. We first went to the famous Sydney Paddy's Market, where we all walked separately because the place is huge and all of us have different things we want to buy so split team to make use of the limited time. Heh.

We met up with Ben, Stephen and Joovin at a Chinatown's food court - food so yummy by the way. From there, we walked to Hillsong Church Waterloo Campus and had the most amazing time.

We didn't make it to the main Hillsong Church because it was way too far from where we were, so the city campus would be fine.

This one also wow-ed us already so I cannot imagine the wowness of the main church. Maybe next time.

Right before we were at this stall, we were at a t-shirt's stall when a big white man ran so fast past us, making a corner turn while pulling/pushing Adrian and another man. He was like so big and running so quickly.

We then realized that he had just robbed someone in the market because a man said in cantonese very casually mind you.

So I guess Sydney is not that safe safe after all, hah Ben? Heh.

They were also giving out free magazine-like-bibles.

Wait, what?


Oh yes, we walked out of that city campus church with at least 5 new magazine-like-bibles.

I tried to ask for one and when the lady asked me if I was a non-believer or a new believer, I could not. I said, "No, I am visiting from Malaysia. I'm a Christian."

She replied, "Oh, this bible is for new believers only!"

Then, Adrian and Andrew walked up to me with the new bible in their hands each. The person who gave them the bible gave it to them even though they said the same thing as I did to the lady.

Ahh, lady in grey jacket (yes the one in photo below at the right corner), don't be so kedekut laaa. Someone in Penang could have owned this if you would have given it to me :(

After service, we took Uber to this place Ben recommended for waffles and smoothies - Micky's Cafe.

Their waffles are okay, but the must try is actually the smoothies - soooo good!

I don't even drink smoothies but these ones here are soo yummy we ordered extra a few to share :)

Thank you to the three kind souls for bringing us out on our first night in Sydney! Loved Hillsong Church so much I want to go to their Hillsongs Conference 2018 (any sponsors?).

I think I will for sure go back to Sydney because there are just still so many things to discover there, like the Sydney Zoo which we didn't go because not enough time and because we already spent that money on Melbourne Zoo. Heh.

Till next time. Stay tuned for the next part!

Bye now.