10 July 2017

Koay's Love Language #34.

Recently, my Honda Accord broke down when we were coming home from Ipoh, and since then, many people have been telling us to say sayonara to this Japanese car and get another one that doesn't drink petrol like water.

After few times of discussing, he seemed to be against the idea of selling the car (market rate about RM40,000) to get a new one (smaller perhaps). So, I let that go as it's just not too big of a deal.

Then, few days ago..

Me: Ohhh, look at that! *One of our neighbours got a white Honda Jazz*
He: How much ah?
Me:  About RM80k! *I knew this because this is my dream car okay so of course I secretly got do research all hah*
He: Ooh, why don't we sell off your Accord and get this one for yourself?
Me: *looked at him with the craziest eyes* WHATTT? But you said you want to keep the Accord?
He: Well, if you really like the Jazz, then we can just sell off that to get this.
Me:  Are you seriousss?! *In my mind, I went crazy excited!* Err, I think we'll just relax now and think about it again next few weeks when the Accord is finally fixed and all.

I've always dreamed of owning a Honda Jazz but it is really just Power of Dreams that kept me going. Hah. Get it? Honda's tagline - Power of Dreams. Cannot get too excited because later this dream cannot come true sure sad sial.

Anyways, I will be posting on the next update on our Australia trip soooon!

Stay tuned!