25 September 2017

How to Make Tiramisu with Piece of Cake?

The last time we tested out on Piece of Cake was with Oreo Cheesecake, so this time, we decided to try it on Tiramisu.

Now, I have always felt that Tiramisu has got to be one of the hardest cake to make. I feel like if one component do wrong means all sure GG liau.

But there is one more thing that Piece of Cake offers, that no one else does. At least that's what I think. Heh.

On the to-do paper that was given, on the top right there is a QR code. So, if you have the QR Code Scanner app in your phone, just scan it and you will be directed to the Youtube video for that particular recipe.

For our case, Tiramisu Cup! You have no idea how much we watched the video because I just don't want to do it wrongly. #kiasi 

Throughout our Tiramisu baking session, I was being so doubtful and kept repeating, "Cannot d la. Sure not nice wan!" whereas Koay kept reassuring me that all will be good. 

I was afraid that the whipped cream was not being whipped too long enough, that the biscuits never get enough of the coffee flavor, that he cut the pieces too small, that the cheese haven't soften enough and it goes on. 

I was so paranoid I cannot, but the video really helps. 

This time, it was his sister's advance birthday celebration with the family. Talk about creating self-pressure hah. 

Anyways, you know how kids are always honest about everything and all, like if they hated certain kind of food, they will just say it. 

Well, Chloe loved the Tiramisu so much that she quickly reserved all the other Tiramisu cups before finishing hers.


Piece of Cake really made life so much easier and sweeter. Heh. 

Thank you Piece of Cake! 

I just realized that now they have mooncake package also! Yassss!