13 September 2017

Mornington Hotel Soon Choon Ipoh, Perak.

Ipoh is like one and half hours away from Penang via car so you can try to guess where Penang people will go if they want a quick getaway.

Right.. Ipoh.

Now, there are many things to eat in Ipoh and many places to look-see look-see but I realized that there aren't too many 'known' hotels for people to choose. It's probably because Ipoh is really just a small town in Perak.

Not too long ago, a group of us decided to spend three days in this small town, doing absolutely nothing but eat and eat.

I found this hotel, Mornington Hotel Soon Choon Ipoh on Agoda (or is it Expedia?) and finds that the rates offered are not to bad.

It's not very big to say, but comfortable for sure. The place is clean and there isn't too many happenings around so perfect for families with small children, and for those who wants to sleep at 10pm (ahem Leny Wiratan) :)

We paid RM221.40 for 2 nights, so if you divide properly, it's only about RM55.35 per person per night.

Super worth it.

Clean, comfortable and cost-saving. Win.

Will stay again in the future.