02 January 2018

Goodbye Last Year, Hello This Year!

2017 is by far the most happening year for me.

Also, it is a year where I didn't blog 'that much'. It's not like I have forgotten about it, definitely not. If anything, blogging keeps me sane - sort of.

It helps me to relax.

So, that's why my only resolution this year is to blog and document as many events as I can here.

But seriously, who am I kidding?

With so many things that's going to happen, this cannot be my only resolution, and since I will have too many resolutions and probably not going to fulfill all of them, I might as well not have any resolutions this year. Heh.

Kong ka liau.

Anyways, 2017 has been a real ride for both Adrian and myself. I cannot say much on behalf of him since I still have got so much to learn about this spontaneous man everyday. We've only been married for a year plus so yeah.

God has been good throughout my life, and 2017 is not an exception.

We may have lost a baby earlier last year, but we have gained a deeper intimacy with each other and a small part of understanding what it meant when we vowed 'through good times and bad'. I have never allowed myself to weep and be completely fragile and weak in front of another human until we lost Little Dot and found myself vulnerable in the arms of the man that I truly love.

Of course, not long after that, we found out that we are expecting again - oh the emotional ride it had taken us just within that few months heh.

You would think that being pregnant few months after losing one would help emotionally, but I tell you that's not true. In fact, I find myself being a little more emotional (could be the hormones) thinking about Little Dot while carrying this one inside.

It does not make it any easier, but it is certainly not the kind of sadness where it paralyses you okay. It's the kind that empowers you even more, makes you a stronger being.

I also left my 4-years job with a great company and joined the church. With that being said, I also did not travel to as many places as I would like to, but that's okay. Koay would disagree because we did visit Australia for about 2-weeks. Heh. Oh how I miss Melbourne, Sydney and Brissy already.

Maybe this year, we can visit Perth and Tasmania - ahem ahem. Hah. And maybe Japan.

What a life-changing year right.

Now that 2017 has been great and is in the past now, I look forward to what this year is going to bring. So far, being pregnant has been comfortable (except for the ongoing flu) and I would not have it other way.

We have less than 6 months before tiny human comes and our life changes again. We appreciate every date-night we can get now although that's a bit difficult now since he has been on a very intensive floorball training to prepare for the upcoming Floorball World Championship thingy.

That also means less than a month till I get to travel to Jeju - babymoon yas!

This is also going to be the year I no longer get to celebrate being in the twenties - boo. Age is just a number anyways heh.

OH OH AND WE CAN FINALLY SAY GOODBYE TO DIGI FOR GOOOOD! Adrian's contract with them ends on 31 December 2017 so I cannot wait till we can change to Maxis and we can happily surf the net in the comfort of our own home. Yasss.

I guess I'm going to be signing off now since Daryl is taking his first nap of the day, I think I shall to.

I hope everyone's 2018 is going to be kicking-backside kind.

Till then, bye now.