17 January 2018

Pregnancy Update: Week 16 - Week 20.


On my office desk, I have a bag of M&Ms, sour Skittles, garlic and onion flavored broad beans and a few Hershey's from OZ land.

So, if you would like to take a guess, you may be able to guess that the appetite is one that is unpredictable. Sometimes, I crave for sweet things and sometimes, I just need some salty foods and then there are other times where I need the sour part to kick in. It's random all-day err-day.

There is this particular thing that I have been craving for the longest time, and the funny thing is that the normal-me don't even like this yet the pregnant-me wants it so badly.


Can you believe it?

I don't even like coffee but now I look for decaf coffee everytime someone suggests to hang out at a cafe - then when I get there, I usually just bite my tongue and not get it because I will ended up feeling bad.

So far, it's been very manageable but I got a feeling that I may (very soon) make my way to Coffee Bean and get their Decaf Mocha Frapp. Heh. 


I have been getting shorter and shorter sleep at night thanks to endless weird-just-super-bizarre dreams that makes absolutely zero sense yet very entertaining and also the frequent visit to the toilet.

That is why I take in less liquid at night but that can't do because my body gets thirsty fast whole day so I just kept drinking them water.

During no-work-days like Mondays, I always grab the opportunity to take my afternoon naps (whenever Daryl sleeps actually) so I would not feel so tired by nine pm.

The surprising thing that I found is that I sleep better whenever Koay sleeps next to me - I think it's just the manja-hormones in me during this season. Heh.

I used to complain (so much) that he moved too much on the bed. Hah. Love you noob.


I remember feeling extremely sad that my old clothes could not fit me no more and then I remembered again, that my belly is supposed to grow bigger each day. Still, that sad feeling lingered a while - must be the unpredictable hormones la.

I was supposed to clear my wardrobe and keep the clothes that fit no more and put in those that can but I kept delaying till last night, heh.

Now, I have more dresses in there to fit the belly and bum-bum and not to mention these humongous boobs. Heh.

It's quite difficult to feel beautiful every morning to be honest. As beautiful as this pregnancy has been, physically it does a lot to the emotions. What helps A LOT is that my husband constantly assures me that I look great and he really love seeing that growing bump. I bet that's not the only thing he likes growing hah!

I love this crazy man.

So yeah, it is a minor struggle trying to figure out what to wear every morning - confirm a lot of repetition of clothes because nice maternity clothes are just way too expensive.

I don't even own a pair of maternity shorts because those that I got from online shopping just cannot fit the bum-bum - really waste of money. And there is no H&M Maternity in Penang so I shall wait till when I go KL - hopefully soon enough.


We have finally registered and paid the money - RM159 per couple at Adventist Hospital. There will be 4 classes and I will be almost 8 months pregnant when the class starts.

This is actually more for him since I really don't need them after helping my sister with her two kids - worlds biggest bullies. Hah.

Love them to bits man.


I am super in love with Hairstory's hair-wash service! Their massages are the best kind and since I am not allowed to have any body massages, head and shoulder feels like heaven please.

I loved how the Senior Stylist (now my favorite-to-go-to-man) Lucas does with my hair. He keeps it very natural and wavy and light and fluffy. Ahhh, best.

He decided to sponsor the package that I have yet to buy (ahh my procrastination has gotten very bad). Pay RM200 and get to wash for ten times (valid for 2 years).

2018 starting really well for me heh.

I am still losing quite a bit of hair everyday but my hair seems to be softer and easier to manage. My sister said it is most likely due to the pregnancy as well so yay.


Everyday I take a total of 4 tablets - Calcium, Obimin, Neurogain and Folic Acid. I think I may do a separate post on these supplements and how much I have been spending my moolahs on them every month heh.

Super thankful that I now do not have any trouble swallowing them pills.



There are no more random pimples on my face (phew!) but the lower part of my chin has been showing really dry skin and some redness, especially when I wake up in the morning.

I don't usually apply anything on my face, not even moisturizer but for that area, it's a daily thing now.

Oh and my legs are like fish-skin legs! So dry and so pfft.

I have been ignoring them for quite some time because it's just legs ma right. Okaylah, I think I should start paying more attention to it. Soon la heh.


According to Didi, it's the craziest! Hah.

On some days, I am so moody in office she also don't dare to come near to me and on other days, I;m just the happiest.

I think my mood swings are very unpredictable.

I can be really okay in the morning and by the time noon comes, that's it.

And don't you dare say to me about controlling them moods, because I will stare you to death - hah kidding. But seriously, I don't even realize it so how do I control it huh.


I have been very consistently visiting Adventist Hospital and Klinik Kesihatan near our house because initially, we just thought that it may be a good idea for us to deliver the baby at GH - because it is so expensive to deliver in private hospital via C-section (if we had to).

But now, come to think of it, we may just do it at Adventist Hospital because I just have more confidence with Dr. Soon to be honest.

But we're still keeping our options open although leaning more on Adventist. Hah.

So, I guess that's all for now on this baby update.

Till next time, people.