04 March 2018

Eins Hotel, Jeju-do, South Korea.

When we first decided that we were gonna extend the trip for me to head down and have a baby-moon, we immediately thought (very confidently even) that Jeju-do is a very small island, and therefore do not need to extend too many days.

I suggested to be there for 3-nights and of course, after getting the flight tickets and all, I realized (while planning briefly on the itinerary) that 3-nights stay there is not going to be enough. But what can I do?

I spent 3-nights in total at Jeju Island, but first night was not really counted as I bunked into one of the floorball girls' room. Thank you Elsa and Natalie for letting me sleep on your bed for a night.

At the end of my first night, I had zero energy left in me so I went into room and collapsed. Hah. I feel like I did such a great job holding up throughout the day with just 4-hours of sleep to be honest. I'm such a strong woman. Heh.

Anyways, so it was only on day two that we made our way to Seogwipo where Eins Hotel is at.

More details on the itinerary on next update.

I found Eins hotel on Trivago (I only use this app for hotel bookings because they compare the prices within other websites). Initially I found a few other nice hotels (with bathtub okay) at Seogwipo but it was way too over our budget so I had to re-search and found this one to be quite decent and strategically located.

For 2-nights stay at Eins Hotel, jeju-do, we only paid a total of RM363.80 for a Standard Double Mountain View Room on Agoda (lowest price offered according to Trivago) - with daily breakfast provided for. No bathtub though boo. Heh.

Eins Hotel is one of the hotels in Agoda that had received the highest guest star rating and after going through the reviews, I was pretty pleased to have booked it for our baby-moon.

Win like a boss.

By the time we checked in, it was pretty late already because we did so many other things before arriving at Seogwipo (not enough time seriously) and got ourselves a room upgrade!

Not because we arrived late please, but because they overbooked our room so we got to have an ocean view room with 2 king size bed. Heh. We really don't need to have the extra king size bed but the ocean view? BRING IT ON.

But the moment we got into our room, we were like, "Whattt?"

Our room was located at Level 3 - hami ocean view. People's house rooftop got la. Hah. Nevertheless, we were very happy with what we got.

Please excuse the messy room. We were too tired to take any photos on the night we checked in and it was a bit too dark also - probably the only thing that we didn't like about the room. Not enough lights!

Other than that, everything is superb. 

Everyday refill mineral water and changed the towels and made our beds and keep our socks in its place. Heh. 

And another best thing is their breakfast place is on the top floor - best view for breakfast okay. We made sure we woke up earlier so that we could enjoy the breakfast with that kind of view everyday - 2 days only actually. Hah.

Eins Hotel serves same kind of breakfast everyday (assumption only since we had the same kind of food the two mornings we were there), but they were yummy and Korean-ish. 

They have western food also like toast and butter and cereal. Heh. 

Would we recommend Eins Hotel to people?

Definitely yes. 

Not to forget the most helpful receptionist that we have ever met. 

Here's the story. 

So, on one of the mornings, we had wanted to go to Mount Hallasan because we found out that it was snowing there and we could take like really amazing snow-related Insta-worthy photos, but all the taxi drivers would not take us there. 

We then asked the receptionist (which I cannot remember what his name was anymore) and he did not only explain to us why it was not a good idea to go to Mouth Hallasan that day, he also showed us few CCTV views of the mountain at that point of time.

Very canggih please.

We saw how thick the snow was there through his CCTV view on his computer and decided not to go in the end.

I give him credits because for more receptionists, they would probably just keep telling us, 'No good idea!'. But this one really went for the extra mile in trying to get us to understand.

Plus, we didn't even have the proper winter-wears for Mount Hallasan. Apparently, the weather went crazy that week and the local Koreans have not seen such a temperature drop in Jeju-do.

Oh wells.

All in all, staying at Eins Hotel, Seogwipo was the right decision.

Eins Hotel 
432 Taeyeong-ro, Seogwi-dong, Seogwipo, Jeju-do, South Korea.

Till next time, bye now.