02 May 2018

Prenatal Class with Adventist Hospital Penang.

I am so sorry if most of my posts are now related to baby, pregnancy or baby. Heh. It's the season now you know. Heh.

Okaylah, I not very sorry la. I enjoy these things now. Next thing could be cooking or something I don't know. Hah.

Anyways, we signed up for Adventist Hospital's Prenatal Class and paid RM159 per couple for 4 sessions in the span of a week. It was all his idea to attend these classes as he had no experience whatsoever in taking charge of a tiny human being. Neither do I actually, but I did helped my sister with her two kids when they were born and I sort of know what to do and stuff. Hah.

Here are the sessions and what they are about:

Session 1 (5-hours with light lunch provided)
  • Healthy pre and postnatal diet
  • Breastfeeding benefits and techniques
  • Baby bath demonstration
  • Tour of maternity ward (3-bedded, 2-bedded, private room and VIP room - under renovation)
Session 2 (2-hours with a cinnamon roll and a box of organic soya bean juice)
  • Care of baby at birth
  • Pain relief methods in labor
Session 3 (2-hours with a red bean bun and a box of organic soya bean juice)
  • Antenatal care
  • Development of baby
  • Screening of fetal abnormalities
  • Changes during pregnancy
  • Complications during pregnancy
  • Labor and delivery
Session 4 (2-hours with no refreshments - bring own pillow day)
  • Prenatal and relaxation exercises
  • Breathing techniques in labor

Also, one thing that excites us and we so look forward to everytime we have a class is the freebies they gave out. We will always try to guess what they will give us because it's different everytime. Once, they gave us a bag with a green-box-thing missing in there - we know because Koay was eyeing on other couples and they were all taking photos of it and then we realized we need to ask for it also! #kiasuparentslailiau

I told him that since I am carrying his child, he should take that walk to the registration table and asked for the missing 'gift'. Haha and he did with his face being all shy and red. Heh.

We received so many types of diapers from various brands, food items that are good for mothers-to-be and some baby items like bibs and mittens.

Most mothers-to-be in our classes are in their second trimester and onwards - only a few in their third trimester and probably one 1 couple who is very near to their due date.

I would recommend mothers-to-be to go during their second trimester so you know these useful information much earlier. For example, like the correct techniques for your husband to learn to massage you every night before bedtime or the kind of food that you should take that is good for you and the baby.

Of course you can get these information online, but it's somehow different when you and your partner hears it in person from the pro themselves.

Highly recommended.

Some couples registered for this Prenatal Class although their usual check-ups are not in this hospital so I guess Adventist Hospital must be quite famous for their Prenatal Class. Heh.

Till then, bye now.