27 April 2018

Bumpfit Maternity Fitness Leggings.

I am currently eight months plus pregnant (35-weeks to be exact) and one thing that is not a friend of mine, is the hot weather.

No matter where I go or what I do, sweating is inevitable.

Once I start sweating, my cranky mood will soon follow, so I really try my best to do whatever it takes to avoid me from sweating.

The pregnancy hot flashes happen even in a very well air-conditioned restaurant okay so it's just super unavoidable.

Because of that, I rarely wear leggings or pregnancy jeans out. VERY RARELY. I prefer to wear dress.

Then, I got this leggings from Bumpfit Maternity Fitness Leggings and upon touching it's fabric, I was pretty convinced that this will be the kind that does not keep the heat in - if that makes sense to you. I needed to find a suitable occasion to try it on. I said find occasion because like I mentioned earlier, I really don't wear pants out to avoid sweating. Heh.

There were 2 events that were coming up which I thought was going to be good to try this legging out - full day 9am-6pm Pastors' Prayer Gathering and Pre & Post Pregnancy Exercise Session by our Adventist Hospital's Antenatal Class.

Even though I sweat easily now, I was still afraid that it may get too cold for me in the church settings since we would be in there the whole entire time, and FGA NZ is known to have the coldest air conditioning - and it did. It kept me fairly warm the entire day.

Also, I was hoping that this leggings would allow me to move around everywhere comfortably - not that I was going to do a split and big movements but I do want to feel like it doesn't limit me in my moving around.

I do have a number of pregnancy leggings that are not so stretchy and becomes super uncomfortable and sticky after a while.

Also, one thing I like about this Bumpfit Maternity Fitness leggings is that its length is very chun-chun. The one I got from H&M was so long that I had to fold it every time I put them on - so that's not really my favorite.

So, I wore it again to our Antenatal Class and no regrets whatsoever.

Super stretchy and I feel that it enables my legs to breathe. Serious. I hate it when leggings start to get wet (because of sweat) and then it just sticks to the skin - super annoying.

This one does not give me that - at all - surprisingly.

When I first heard of the price, I was shocked to be honest.

I felt that this price is really too expensive for a pair of leggings, but after trying them out (two times), I think I would recommend it to mommies-to-be because if you are someone who really gets annoyed with the hot weather and always only wear dresses because of that, you should give this a try.

Throughout my pregnancy, I always try to find ways to make it a comfortable one so I feel this money is worth spending okay.

On a side note, I recently found out from Cheeserland's Instagram about how comfortable Uniqlo bra is and how she (and many other mothers) so strongly support it - so I went ahead and got one for myself although I haven't started breastfeeding okay.

Highly recommended also because Uniqlo bras are super comfortable and gives really good support even though they are wireless. I only got one nude color and I may (anytime soon) gonna get 1 in all their available colors. Heh.


Okay, that's all for now.

Till then, bye now.