18 June 2018

Coming Back Soon.

Oh hello comfortable space of mine.

It does feel good to be typing and staring at this white blank space.

I have been away for 3-weeks plus because well, I've been busy making life works. Heh. Life now, is different and demanding (in baby-sense) and boy, when there is a free time, even an hour - I would very much like to use them to shut these eyes for a while.

I will leave all that experience-story-telling for the next post when I actually have a little more time and focus for it.

I thought this little piece would take my mind off things for a while and it did. Oh how I miss blogging.

As we approach the 1-month's mark since the birth, this whole experience is still quite surreal because I have no idea how we (both Adrian and myself) survived the night routines with maximum 3-hours of sleep at one-go. Seriously.

I remembered it being so tough the first week - oh so tough. Then now, it's almost a month since. Next thing we know, it's probably going to be 3-months then 6-months, then Alex is going to be 1-year old. Hmm.

Oh wells.

I cannot wait to share with you guys on the next few posts on the birth and things. I hope I won't delay long on that.

Till then, bye now.