04 March 2019

Everything In Between.

I am back!

Okay, I have never left la so there is no coming back la. But I did sort of abandoned this space ever since the arrival of Alex. Guilty as charged please.

I still do find blogging very therapeutic but the lazy bug has gotten to me and I kinda let it stay. Heh. Or when I do have free time and got the oomph to blog, I usually (always) prefer to take a nap or watch Suits on Netflix. It's super addictive I tell you.

Anyways, here are some photos of what's been happening since February till now, sort of. So, really just everything in between. So much happened and I felt like I haven't even gotten off the roller-coaster yet. It's on a stagnant phase now - the cooling off period. Heh. From having the most expensive dim sum ever to a family photoshoot and seeing our little boy grow. He is nine months plus now.

I do, really do need a getaway.

When am I never needing one, right?

Photos are in random orders.

I have also been really interested in cooking, particularly western kind of food because way easier. Hah. And if anyone can grab Chrissy Teigen's cookbook, please let me know because I am dying to get one! And her pots and pans too!

I've enjoyed cooking so much that I try to cook something new every week - which is not realistic at all because every week sure got something on and cannot find the time to prep and cook one. So, it's been more like once every two weeks kinda thing.

Mister Koay loves it so I am earning the wife points correctly. And he does all the washing after so yay to me. Will be sharing the recipes and what I tried here soon. There's a few already. Hopefully lazy bug isn't here to visit again.

Till next time.