16 July 2020

Six Breastfeeding Must-Haves.

I did it!

That feeling of accomplishment is really something!

I have breastfed Sofia for 6-months and it felt great. My breastfeeding journey with Sofia was really pleasant and easy and pain-free and lovely. She was a good drinker (look at her size you would know) and a great latcher (got such word?). 

Sofia is now reaching 7-months old and we have started to feed her with pureed food but she is not really keen. I feel she is going to be a picky eater - unlike Alex who eats everything. 

Due to some reasons and all, I have decided to stop breastfeeding at 6-months and patted myself on the back for coming this far. It is not that far compared to so many moms out there who breastfeed till their child is like 1-yo and that's impressive really. 

For me, I'm going to celebrate this small win of reaching to 6-months. I did only 1-month with Alex so this is a win, please. 

I am already missing a big part of breastfeeding but I decided to stop for reals. There were many days where I stop and went back to it because it was just a really difficult thing to do. The emotional attachment is real seriously. 

But anyway, I am thankful that it has been a great experience with my second-born. 

Through this 6-months journey with Sofia (and 1-month with Alex in 2018), here are some of the things that goes to the MUST-HAVE list to make this journey a better one.

This comes number one and I feel that I must share because it is such a life-changer and, that is the importance of having the right chair during breastfeeding/pumping, etc. 

It took me a while to convince myself to spend about RM700 to get this nursing chair, but let me tell you that it is worth every cent spent.

I got mine from Shopee at about RM600 and it comes with a leg rest stool and a pillow. IKEA is selling at RM699 and does not come with a leg rest stool or a pillow (I think).

 I put more pillows so I feel more comfortable during the night feeds.

It is also one of Alex's favorite places to be when he watches video on his iPad.

If you asked me now if I will still get the same nursing chair from Shopee, I would say no. I will definitely spend more money to get the chair from IKEA.

The one I got from Shopee is not as comfortable as IKEA's. And IKEA's chair comes with 10 years' warranty so yeah. Maybe I should sell my current chair at a discounted price and get the IKEA's chair. Heh.

Then again, I am no longer breastfeeding so not ideal to do the above said.

Anyways, this chair saved my sanity for when I needed to nurse Sofia so many times after midnight. It is one thing to not be able to avoid feeding your child when she cries for milk in the middle of the night but to get to do it in a comfortable nursing chair, now that is a life-saver. 

Just like how it is so important to have a bottle sterilizer at home for all the feeding bottles, pacifiers, and stuff - it is equally important to spend that hundreds to get this nursing chair. 

I cannot say this enough, but many times when I am not breastfeeding or pumping, I find myself sneaking into my room to sit on this chair because it's comfortable and it is so relaxing! 

Cannot believe that I am saying this but this chair really saved my sanity and my rollercoaster of emotions for the past 6-months. For those of you who have done breastfeeding before, you know how crazy our emotions can run during these times. 

So yeah. 


Even if your husband thinks it is too much money to spend on a chair. 

Please - trust me. 

Of course, maybe you are comfortable enough to sit on your bed to nurse your child or something, then it's totally fine. All I am saying is that this nursing chair should be on the list of must-haves after a baby is born (if you plan to breastfeed of course). 

Ohh, and there are so many types of nursing chairs out there okay so choose wisely. Hint: choose those that allow your head to rest (SUPER IMPORTANT & HELPFUL!).

Number two is the right nursing pillow. I have looked through different types of nursing pillows and finally settled for the U-shaped one because it is most common and cheapest. Heh.

With this pillow, Sofia is usually sleeping soundly during the nursing time because there is no body heat that I am transferring to her and in a way, the pillow is so much softer than my boney arms, please. Of course, sometime I will carry her because I overly attached like that. Hah.

The third must-have for me is definitely a nursing cover that is big, light, and thin in its material. The one I got was big but the material was quite thick so whenever Sofia feeds under the cloth, she will sweat for sure. So kesian. I wanted to get a better nursing cover but MCO happened and since staying home means I can freely nurse her anywhere without having to cover, I did not get a new one in the end. But yes, very important to get one that is thin material okay.

Number 4 is also super important because every breastfeeding moms need it wan. A super effective breast pump! I could never invest like a few thousand ringgits to get a breast pump because it is just way too much money so I kept searching and finally found one that has all the features that I was looking for.


Oh man let me tell you how a wireless breast pump can change your life. With Alex, I was using my sister's so it is the usual breast pump that is out there - comes with a wire, and tubes and bottles, etc. With a breast pump that is wireless, that only means I don't have to be seated at a place for the entire pumping time.

And with SuperMama's FlexiFit Electrical Tubeless Breast Pump, it was such an enjoyable pumping experience. I was pumping in the living room, at the dining table, in the car, in office, etc. There was no fuss at all. There were a concern that its suction power is not strong enough but please, there are nine levels and for me personally, it was enough. Supermama's breast pump was my best friend on the go.

I charge it every day at night after the last pump and it will last me the entire day. I keep one pump at my mom's and one with me all the time. So whenever, I feel like my boobs are going to ve engorged, I take it out and pump (with a nursing cover of course).

Got once we were at a party at a friend's house and I was getting super engorged, I covered myself with the nursing cover and pumped right at the dining table with all my friends present. I did not have to miss out on the conversations because it was really THAT convenient.

It definitely made life so much easier. And I only spent RM 380 for 2 FlexiFit Electrical Tubeless Breast Pump. Even Adrian was amazed by this product.

Now, Supermama had recently came out with a new version where you just got to put in in your bra and yes, wireless and no need to hold also. I was super tempted to get it but maybe for my next baby.

It's called SuperMama Air Breast Pump and costs RM299 for 1. If you are a working mother, I'd say that this is a great investment. 

The fifth must-have is of course disposable breast pads. No one likes leaky boobs especially when you go out because it's embarrassing to have milk stains. Heh. So, I'd always made sure to invest on good quality ones that is both comfortable and effective. So far, all brands also okay. None that is like bad.

I have considered getting reusable/washable breast pads but some of my friends shared that after a while, there is a smell on the pads (even after wash) and since I am a working mom, I prefer to have something that is more convenient.

Number 6 and final (for me) for this breastfeeding must-have is a good supportive nursing bra. I tried many brandless nursing bras that I get online and although some are quite comfortable and all, I still feel that the best supportive bra is the sports bra.

Yes, you see that right. SPORTS BRA.

Nothing supports the C-cup boobies like sports bra does. And it's quite easy for nursing also. I realized I do not necessarily need to get those nursing bra to have 'easier' nursing experience. I did with the sports bra and loving it a lot. So much comfort, please.

So these are my six must-haves for a smoother and more enjoyable breastfeeding journey.

Gotta admit that I am already missing it but no regrets okay. Last night, I tried to get Sofia o latch on, but she wouldn't even want to look at it anymore. Hah. She moved on very quickly it seems.

Now, we can focus on the next baby - I AM KIDDING!

Till next time, bye now.