07 July 2020

Spicy Korean Chicken Stir-Fry.

Korean food this time.

It is like cooking updates one after another because what else do you do when you cannot go out and spend the entire day at home, right?

I decided to get a small tub of Gojuchang sauce because initially, I wanted to learn how to make Sundubu Jiggae from my mom (and she did tell me the steps etc) but it seems like so much work so I'm just going to do other Gojuchang-related meals first.

I happened to see this recipe on Marion Grasby's website and it was so simple so I decided to do it.

For this, you actually only need Gojuchang paste and the rest is just fresh ingredients that you would like to add into this dish.

 I sliced a chicken breast and marinated with Gojuchang paste for a few hours. Actually, no need so many hours wan. I just had a lot of time so I decided to marinate it in the noon and cooked them in the evening.

No need to put salt or any other sauce because Gojuchang paste itself is already very flavorful.

I then opened my fridge and get some of the vegetables I can see and chopped them up into bit-sizes. I started with garlic and then in goes all the vegetables and once, my vegetables (I think) are semi-cooked, I then put in the Gojuchang marinated chicken slices.

Then, it is all just stir and fry until the meat is fully cooked.

To me, I think I added too much of the Gojuchang paste. I think next time, I will just put a tablespoon first and see. If not enough, only put another one. It was a lil too spicy for my MIL and husband. A little too thick too if you ask me.

But overall, flavour is superb and this is the easiest recipe seriously.

Go try please.

Till next time, bye now.