15 September 2020

I Did Brazilian Waxing at Strip Penang! What Now?

 Yep - you read it right. Nothing wrong with your eyes. 

Another thing on the list got ticked. 

If you did not already know, I have always been curious about many things, and going for a waxing session is one of them. Not just any waxing okay - like on the legs or underarms. 

One of the reasons why I never actually go for it is because they are expensive, and I mean I am not willing to pay so much money to remove hair on certain parts of my body, please. I can do that myself - or get my husband to do it for me. 

Of course, it is also because I am scared la okay. Scared of the pain and although everyone online says that it is painless la, and they had such a wonderful experience la - common sense still shouting loudly that it is going to hurt when they pull the wax strips from your skin. 

So, it was delayed. The curiosity on this one was not that strong - not until one day, Beverly came to our house with her mini wax machine and started waxing some of us. She started doing nose hair waxing on the guys because Andrew claimed that it is not painful at all. 

Of course, Adrian went for it. Okaylah - Adrian said actually not painful, but he and Josh both screamed like girls when Beverly was going to pull it out from there nose. So manly I know. Heh. 

Anyways, she tried on my legs, and surprisingly, it was not painful at all and I kinda enjoyed the whole process of it. So, that was how this whole curiosity came out again. 

Then what do you know! 9.9 came and Fave sent me an email and I clicked on it and the next thing I know, I also clicked "Buy Now!". 

I called Strip Gurney Paragon immediately and scheduled an appointment the very next day. I was not going to give myself a lot of time to run away from it. Later reality sets and I got freaked out so the faster I go through with it, the better. 

To be honest, I was very nervous to experience a waxing experience on my hoo-ha because in my head, of course, it is going to hurt like crazy. Not as much as labor pain (nothing is more painful than giving birth really) but I was super nervous. 

I was even more nervous when I stepped into the shop and was greeted by 3 ladies. Hopefully, they cannot tell I was sweating inside so hard it is crazy. 

I was then ushered into a room and given certain instructions and then I lie on the bed - covered with a clean plastic sheet and covered myself with the towel given. 

My wax therapist named Chom (who is a Siamese, married to a Technician working in Prai and she has a 3yo girl who she sends to a local nanny that she pays RM800/monthly). You will be surprised how easy it is to get to know someone when you go through such an "intimate" process. Heh. She was such a lovely person. 

Anyways, she started waxing my underarms because it's the easiest I supposed and painless for sure. It felt like a massage la, please. Hah. It was finished so fast I didn't even realize it. 

So when it was time for her to wax my hoo-ha, I became speechless for a while because I did not know what to expect. So I asked her questions and in my effort to try to distract me from freaking out, we talked about our personal life. Heh. We shared life stories and jokes. 

So, how did the whole Brazilian waxing went? 

Okay right - so if you go read reviews on Brazilian Waxing, and most (probably about 80%) will claim that it is painless and it's a very comfortable experience, etc. 

Let me tell you something. 


Let no one tells you otherwise. 

How can it be painless? The therapist will spread a layer of hot wax onto your hoo-ha and when the wax is dried up, they will then pull it off. Yes, pull it off. No slow motion all, please. Chom always gave me like a heads-up when the wax is ready to be peeled off and I would hold my breath. 

Brazilian waxing is a painful procedure because it is done all over your hoo-ha. But it is the kind of pain where it lasts for like 2-seconds and then gone no more pain - because now that pain shifts to the other side of the hoo-ha. Heh!

It was my first full-on Brazilian waxing experience and I have to say that I loved it! It was surely painful and all but it was also very satisfying to see the end product of it. I mean - it's really something la okay. 

The pain is very bearable, and yes - in that 2-seconds after they peel off the wax, your body will shake in response to the sudden pain, but after that, all is good again. 

So, was it worth the RM58?

Definitely yes! The original price is RM129 (I think), and actually, I am not sure if I will be willing to spend that money every 2 months or so to get waxed. We will see. 

So, if you have not tried before, I would highly recommend you try it because aren't you like curious about how it will feel and how it will make you feel after the whole thing?

I feel quite sexy la, to be honest! HAHA. Okay - TMI!

Till next time, bye now.