28 September 2020

World versus Coronavirus.

This pandemic is really something. Being in a lockdown for the first time brings a whole new meaning to what life is all about. I mean - this kind of lockdown can make a lot of people feel very stressed and anxious - evidently seen in supermarkets when toilet rolls and baking supplies run out so fast. 

Of course, coming out of the 3-months lockdown has also taught all of us things and made us realize a few things too so there are some goods out of this pandemic. But still. 

Everyone in the world now fights against one common enemy and that is Miss Rona. Some are affected because they have lost their loved ones to this virus or lost their job because the company can no longer support them due to business not doing well et cetera. 

Working in a travel company at such a time is really not a good thing. 

When the borders remained closed (till Dec 2020), that means our clients (corporate mostly) are not able to travel for their business duties whatsoever, and since 80% of our business depends on corporate travels, this is really a bad thing. 

As expected, right after the MCO and our first Town Hall Meeting with our owner, Dato Loy - we all received our first wave of pay cuts. Boo. Then, they removed half of our allowances (for sales and runners), and not long after that, most of our benefits that require the company to spend money (claims on dental, etc) were also stripped off. 

Don't ask me if legally they can do that because I have zero ideas but I supposed the company has consulted their lawyers before making major decisions like that. 

Our HQ in KL started the first round of retrenchment where it was believed that many did not expect to receive a 24-hours notice to clean their tables, return all assets that belong to the company, and leave the family just like that. I believed tears were flowing in our gigantic office that day. 

It was Penang's turn the next day and same as KL, those who got the 24-hours notice did not see it coming at all - did not expect that they will be the one to be kicked out (sort of). Of course, people were crying. It was a sad day. 

It is one thing to tender your resignation and voluntarily leave the company and it is another thing to be asked to leave the company (in 24-hours!) - I can only imagine the emotions that were so mixed up. 

Imagine you are asked to go into the boss' room and in less than 10 minutes, your life changed - you no longer have a job and you have to say goodbye to your workplace (of which you spend most of your waking hours at) and colleagues - all on the same day. 

Sure, you can always grow the friendship outside of the office but it is a completely different feeling. I bet it leaves you clueless and lost in the moment. 

I was not particularly close to those who got retrenched but it was emotional enough for me to shed a few tears to see them clear their table and leave. 

This pandemic is really something. 

Despite the company's effort to keep the ship and all its people on-board and to continue sailing, sadly it is not possible. Now, our company is trying to make sure that the ship does not sink. So, we totally understand the pay cuts and removal of allowances and benefits and a few rounds of retrenchment. After all, we are about 300 staff strength. 

All our branches are still operating but if domestic travels do not pick up in sales, I doubt we can survive this year really. 

The news is another round of retrenchment is going to happen and who knows what is going to happen - if more people are going to get cut this time. 

We have been trying to push and get people to travel domestically because really, our Tourism Industry needs it - but people are afraid to travel because there are still cases reported in Malaysia and I totally get it. 

BUT IT IS JUST SO HARD TO SEE THIS SHIP SINKING LIL BY LIL in all honesty. Sakit hati definitely. 

My husband gets a lot of WhatsApp messages from me on this hotel got promo lah, this 3D2N package very worth going lah, etc. You cannot imagine how often I tell him about how badly I want to go for staycations and trips around Malaysia. Lucky for me - he is also a travel bug so yay. 

With all these pandemic dramas ongoing and who knows where this is heading, and with many other personal reasons and motivations, I have decided to say goodbye to this company - of which I went back to, early 2019 because it really is a great company. But I guess this is where my story ends with Holiday Tours. 

I have 2 months left with this company and really, I am thankful for all the opportunities that were given to me, and HTT will always have a special place in my heart. I mean - if you are looking to get a job in a tourism-related company, please have Holiday Tours & Travel as your first choice. It is the best in Malaysia. Top in the industry, please. No fight at all. 

I look forward to working on other things in my life and my top priority is, of course, my two kids. They are growing up too fast and I will not want to miss anymore milestones and I want to be their teacher in everything. Hah. 

I try lah okay. 

I cannot be a teacher, to be honest. And no, I am not homeschooling my children. Heh. I am not so disciplined and smart. Hah. 

Anyways, this pandemic sucks big time but I have also seen and experienced some goodness out of it. Better days ahead I believe. 

Oh - we also had to say goodbye to our 5D4N trip to Vietnam (all expenses paid for). Our kids (if they go) also no need to pay for anything. We just literally had to get our passports renewed, pack our bags, and go. Everything is planned and paid for. WHAT IS THIS. I guess it is just not meant to be.

Till next time, bye now.