23 November 2020

Alex Turned Two!

Apparently, Adrian read an article sometime after Alex's first birthday party and before his second birthday - that when we give a child a big birthday celebration every year of his growing up life, it would most likely make him a spoilt child - because with a big celebration every year, we would be setting expectations that are high (and will only get higher) and that, is unnecessary. 

So, we agreed that our children will not have a big birthday celebration every year but a few in their growing up years - like their first and maybe seventh or something - I don't know. 

Growing up, I never had the chance to have a big birthday party and I have always held it against my parents - because both Rachel and Vanessa had. Okay - I am no longer bitter, please. This has now become something we laugh about in our family. Heh. 

So, of course, I want all my children to have birthday parties where they can invite their friends and all okay. Since my babies are still young, I will invite my friends on their behalf. Hah. 

Anyway, while I am in the midst of planning Sofia's first birthday, I remembered that I had forgotten to talk about Alex's second birthday party that we had. 

We only celebrated with some people because the whole of Malaysia was going through the CMCO at that period of time. We decided to do a small barbeque 'party' outside our place and invited Alex's Indian grandparents over too - our neighbor. 

I also realized if not for the CMCO, I would have invited more people and it would have defeated the entire plan of not having a big birthday party. 


I said it, Adrian Koay. 

But with Adrian being so hands-on now (he used to leave it all up to me to plan party wan), for sure I cannot exceed the invites la. Hah.

The good news is I am planning everything for Sofia's first so we will see. Heh. If CMCO extends, then I am going to just book staycations at Angsana Teluk Bahang! Hah. 

A few days later (I think), we had another intimate party with some close friends and celebrated 2 May babies together - Le Roy and Alex. The night when we had way too many chicken wings. 

I am guessing with Sofia's first party, we will probably do a few but I would personally prefer to do one time only. Oh, wells. 

Thank you all for loving my son like your own - you know who you are. Adrian and I appreciate each one of you and thank you in advance for helping us to discipline him when you see the need to because really, it takes a village to raise a child. 

To Alex Koay, next year your birthday is going to get smaller ya heh. Love you with all of me. 

Till next time.