31 December 2020

Goodbye 2020.

Last day of the Year 2020 - the year no one is actually celebrating 100% because of the pandemic and lockdowns and the fear that looms in the air because Covid-19 is so spreadable. Hah. 

Never thought that I would experience a legit country/city lockdown in my life because of a virus. I remembered feeling anxious when it first happened but after that, it sort of became the new norm and we went to flow with it. 

Now, we are pro in the new norm although, to be honest, I still hate every part of it. Having to split tables when we go out to dine sucks big time - like I super hate it la okay. 

Anyway, since it is the last day of the craziest year, I thought I would like just say something here - but now my mind is quite blank. Heh. 

One thing that I am sure about is I want to bid farewell to the Year 2020 with the biggest gratefulness I have in me. It was not pretty and it was all messy and sad and scary - but I want to be thankful for everything that has happened. 

I feel like emotions were everywhere and I struggled on the second part of the year trying to figure out our moving forward plans and while I actually did resign from my job, I was given an offer to stay but with a more flexible role (with major salary adjustment of course) so I can actually focus on my two kids. 

I realized that if I don't give up my job to spend this precious time with them, I will regret it when they grow up. I can always go back to work once they are all grown up but I can never have them at this age anymore. So, I choose them - always will. 

Also thankful that Adrian is supportive of this decision because, without him, I would never be able to do it. I mean hello - he must be able to support me mentally and financially what. Hah. If not, where am I gonna find the money to feed myself heh. 

But on a serious note, this new flexible role also gives me time and space to focus on my Shop.com business and I am loving it. I realized that I love selling things - that work of course. 

We recently launched and started selling Momzay's Chocolate Chip Khoo-Kies and we managed to sell a total of 156 bottles - mom was surely busy and happy. So, thank you all for supporting our Khoo-Kies! More to come next time! 

We are currently working on our next item (hint: they are not Khoo-Kies!) heh - so stay tuned! 

Anyway, I am still in a place where I am trying to find the right "schedule" that works for me and my kids - in terms of our 8AM-6PM daily routine. I still have to go to the office twice a week for half-day and I have been trying to add "gym-time" too because I have lost weight with TLS 30-Days Program and I want to maintain a lifestyle that works in long term for myself. 

I will be posting on the before and after soon - after completing the 30 Days TLS Program and I'm so happy to say that I didn't think I would see the result but photos never lie okay. 

I hope by mid-January, I will sort of get everything in place and get a hang of the new schedule and stuff. 

So, I guess this is it for twenty-twenty. 

See you in 2021.