04 January 2021

The Secret to Losing Belly Fats in 30 Days!

 Is there really a secret?

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Okaylah - share with you the secret to lose weight that works! 

Got my "transformation photo" below so keep on reading okay. 

It's not new news that I have always wanted to lose weight - more accurately my belly fats. I only really wanted to lose them after giving birth to two humans because I feel like I'm still pregnant (from the looks of it). My belly is still pretty bulged out (in my opinion) - still too big for my own liking. 

I don't feel attractive just yet so that means work is in progress. 

I have tried many kinds of ways to lose the belly fats but nothing worked. 

Nothing worked because I did not have a program or timeline to stick to and of course, motivation was not there. It was not strong enough for me to follow through. 

I bet you want to know what the secret is right? 

Disclaimer - this not-so-secret-secret is not to just lose belly fats la, please. It's losing weight overall and having a healthier lifestyle. I remembered feeling so stressed out wanting to lose weight (belly fats) because I had to like fast for many hours, replaced meals, and forced myself into doing extreme workouts oh my gosh. 

Getting in shape should be straight-forward and achievable - and affordable! 

When TLS 30-Day Jump Start Program came to Malaysia (end of 2020), I was super excited because I read as much as I can on it and decided that it was not too expensive to start - as compared to other weight-loss programs out there that costs at least few thousands. 

Many years ago, my dad joined a weight management program from a brand and he paid about RM5,000+ (3-months program) - he did lose the weight but I was not going to pay so much when I can pay less than RM1,000 to do just the same! 

There are also some testimonials from friends who have lost an incredible amount of weight - I mean like their 'before' and 'after' transformation is really impressive but when I asked more on how they do it - many of them mentioned 'meal-replacement' and Adrian is the biggest anti-meal-replacement programs. 

Surely they will lose weight fast because they are replacing real meals with protein shakes and all. And once they stop with the 'replace-meal programs, they will gain all their weight back. True enough - I have seen such situations to know how to avoid it. 

I was thankful to know that TLS 30-Day Jump Start Kit does not (at all) encourage meals-replacement and the kit even includes health supplements that help with the overall being. I of course especially love Isotonix OPC-3 (and Vitamin B Complex) because it helps me with energy-boosting for an entire day. 

It's a life-changer. 

The other product that I love (from the TLS 30-Day Jump Start Kit) is Nutriclean Fibre with L-Glutamine & Probiotics - because it helps with my bowel movement (highly recommended for those with constipation problems!) and it also has probiotics so it helps support the bacterial balance in my colon - and it's so yummy! 

I take them every morning - except weekends. Hah. 

Another thing I like about this program is there is a timeline for the entire 30-days. There is a guideline that we must (or encouraged) to follow. 

I did and now that I am done with the TLS 30-Day Jump Start Program, I have in my mind what I should be eating or doing or like the "right" routine to maintaining a healthier lifestyle. 

I am already eating all kinds of food and making sure I sweat at least 3 times a week - because now it is not just about losing weights as in the kilograms but to tone the body and also like I said earlier - making a healthier lifestyle as part of living life every day. Heh. 

I am not pushing really hard to lose all the belly fats because what if I get pregnant soon? Nobody knows right? Hah. 

So yeah, In 30-days, I managed to lose 2.6KG and my waist circumference decreased by 10cm! Sneak peek - real photos are below but read first la okay?

When I joined this program, Adrian was quite skeptical - he felt that it was not going to work for me because I not that disciplined and all - but really, the program worked because a bunch of us joined and did it together! 

When I showed him my before and after photos, his jaw dropped. Hah. It's not like the biggest transformation (hello 30 days only okay) but there were changes to my body that felt so good. 

I had to use belts whenever I wear my shorts now. It's so inconvenient but I love it. 

I wear a lot of leggings now because I lazy use belts to wear shorts. And to tell you the truth, wearing leggings make me see my body even more and 'motivates' me to sweat it out. So that helps too. 

Adrian also joined the TLS 30-Day Jump Start Program (unofficially because he shy-shy) but he lagi not disciplined compared to me. Heh. 

I am still taking the Isotonix Daily Essentials Kit and Nutriclean every morning and following the meal plans that I learned from that 30-days. I also have a bottle of TLS Nutrition Shake at home for when I want to snack but don't want anything that is not healthy. I usually blend with bananas. 

Okay now, time to reveal my transformation photos. 

Here goes. 

Now I a bit shy pulak. 

But I want to document it here so I can look back and be wow-ed again. 

Left photo - BEFORE TLS 30-Day Jump Start Program
Right photo - AFTER TLS 30-Day Jump Start Program

As you can see, the most obvious weight-loss was the belly area - was exactly what I wanted so I was very happy and satisfied to see the changes. 

If you see it clearly, from the front view - the "belly-pouch" is a lot flatter and not as "out"! Hah. 

From the side view, my belly does not look as pregnant already hah. Don't mind my ugly vertical scar please - it's from that time when I had perforated appendicitis and the doctor was not very good at stitching up. Heh. 

I love how it looks now and I totally agree with you (if you think the same) that there are still more rooms for improvement and a flatter belly but hey, one step at a time. 

The blue shorts (in photo) is so loose now it's ridiculous, and no I am not going to shop for new clothes la siau meh. My money trees not fully bloomed yet. Heh. 

People have been telling me that they realized that I have lost weight and looked slimmer and really, it felt so good. 

So yeah - this program works and if you did not know, Andrew's transformation was way more impressive when he did this program the first time. 

Nah - his photo below. 

Please hold on to your jaw, please. Now Andrew is back to eating his favorite kind of food and is still not gaining his bye-bye weight. 

He is going to start another batch soon on this TLS 30-Day Jump Start Program so if you are interested, let us know! 

Time to get in shape to fit into our Chinese New Year clothes! Hah. 

Till next time, bye now.